Marty Leeds returns to Alfacast, and he always brings it. Marty is a genuine seeker of truth, a brilliant teacher of the mysteries and a preacher of the heart.

In our last interview with Marty we traversed through a diversity of subject matter from Gnostic Christianity, to the mathematics, symbolism, astrology, and mysticism encoded within the Bible.

Marty’s seminal works, Pi – The Great Work, Pi & The English Language, and The Peacock’s Tales – The Alchemical Writings of Claudia Pavonis were inspiring explorations of sacred number, geometry and the mathematics that rule our Universe, but ultimately as a study of oneself.

On this episode we’ll go deep into his latest work Lord Jesus Christ, a textbook to the decoded truths in the Holy Bible.

We’ll contrast Hermeticism with Gnosticism and further discuss banned books of the Bible, why the bible is not a history book, the bible/Kabbalah overlap and the absolute relevance to current global events.

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