On this episode of Alfacast, we go further into the journey of Thomas Park Althouse who was victimized by the dark forces behind the Hollywood movie industry. He was a young writer in his 30’s when he came up with a visionary movie idea. He knew right at that moment it was going to be called THE IMMORTALS. What he didn’t know is that it would soon be stolen to become The Matrix movie franchise.

In our first interview Tom shared his first person account of how Hollywood steals intellectual property for their own corporate agenda, but it goes much deeper! His ordeal traverses an interconnected web of corporations, government agents, and occulted organizations that collude to control art & take any measure to silence those that would reveal the sordid truth.

He discussed how the Wachowskis were witless tools, and the common Hollywood practice of using talentless proxies to cover their tracks. Tom laid out how his legal challenge was sabotaged from the very beginning, and his efforts to seek justice in the court of public opinion.

In this sequel Alfacast, Tom reveals events and inspirations leading to the writing of his screenplay masterpiece purloined by countless other movies, and shares the heartbreak of how family members and loved ones were turned against him.

Tom will elaborate on the intentions and full story conveyed through his original screenplay for greater substantiation that his work was indeed used to create the Matrix Series, including the most recent Matrix 4.

Finally we will learn about his upcoming documentary film release, and plans for finally making the feature film, Immortals as it was originally written by Tom himself.

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