Special guest Justin Frandson, owner/creator of EMF Rocks returns to Alfacast to share critical information we all need to protect ourselves from government intrusion through cyber encroachment.

Justin’s years of EMF research revealed the breath-taking amount of on-line security breaches that most are unaware or simply dismiss as unimportant. This growing trend of massive fraud and overt theft targets easy marks, but sooner or later most of us have suffered the effects. Government & corporate interests, now one and the same, collude against the people they allege to serve.

Our conversation topics and ideas for improved security will include on-line banking, Virtual Private Network

(VPN), the use of faraday bags for phones & computers, tips for Password protection, Bank Server Proxies, burner SIM cards, encrypted video conferencing and much moreWe’ll conduct our discussion within a revealing context of the deeper motives of those intrusive forces that provoke global destabilization. The engineered vulnerability to Cyber assault is a means to that end.

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