Erik Casano is the embodiment of the most fundamental maxim for practitioners in the healing arts, which is “heal thyself”.  Erik began his incredible in-depth journey through the world of natural health care modalities by healing himself from late-stage cancer.

As the founder of Aquarian Alchemy and a wellness coach, Erik specializes in conscious connected breathing and emotional trauma release.

“Through conscious connected breathing, ice baths, sauna therapy, and nutritional wellness, our programs are designed to help you overcome emotional blockages with expansive awareness.”  ~ Erik Casano

Erik studied under DP Mahesh in Haidakhan, India where he became certified in 5-Element Breathwork, and now shares his expertise through workshops, private retreats and group intensives.
In this Alfacast, we leave no stone unturned as our discussion traverses the Gospel of the Essenes, connecting with Spirit through Holotropic Breathwork and the 5 Elements, Dreamwork, Urine Therapy and the vast gamut of healing through Consciousness Exploration.

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