Strap in for this one!  Richard Balducci guides us through the world of conspiracy with master dot-connecting impossible to dismiss.  Richard, an expert in astrology and the occult, began his journey as publisher of the satirical magazine Snicker.   His research would eventually unveil secrets “hidden in plain sight”, which still go without notice to the entrained thinking of the masses.

On this Alfacast we go very deep into the incredible level of occultism permeating every aspect of our lives.  Have you ever speculated the veracity of claims that the present Beatle, Paul McCartney, is not the real deal?  Is there a similar storyline surrounding the death of John Lennon?  Are World Wars actual conflicts, or ritualistic theater for those who fancy themselves “elite”?

Richard decodes the pervasive symbology conflated with our present microbial obsession, and much more. This episode will both entertain & inform, but focus on how we might ground this awareness into the positive change that is now more accessible than ever.  Just for grins we ended the show by giving you the formula to calculate the mass of your Soul.

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