Mitch Kohl is a creator of Orgone technologies whose mission is to mitigate the purposeful destruction of our ecosystem through geo-engineered weather modification, atmospheric aerosoling (chem-trailing), and the weaponization of microwave technologies via cell towers, smart meters and ubiquitous WiFi.

Mitch is not just making orgonite, but engaged in advanced Orgone Energy Research in an effort to create new orgone energy devices that he gifts by the thousands to help raise humanity’s consciousness, and end the planetary geoengineering agenda.

On this episode he’ll break down what our cell phones and other microwave devices are doing to your DNA and consciousness advancement.

More importantly we’ll discuss the role of Orgone energy as a healing agent to better understand the concepts of energy, vibration, and our collective consciousness.  Prepare to be dazzled, as Mitch explains how Orgone technology is being used to restore the rain cycle in the Arizona desert, and put an end to the frequency war and mind control agenda plaguing planet Earth.

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