#214 – Where The Wild Things Roam w/ Michael Wann

Astrologer-story teller, Michael Wann, rejoins Alfacast for a probability glimpse into 2024 & how to navigate the last ditch containment efforts of a flailing Matrix.

Michael Wann returns with his insightful knack of ferreting truth from mainstream fiction, and this episode will surely be as entertaining & informative as our prior chat with this master story-teller.

“By using Matrix consciousness to navigate the Matrix, you will always remain in the Matrix.

Today’s tenuous climate of escalating encroachments on personal freedoms has only re-awakened the free-range inclinations instilled by our creator, but there’s a less discussed corollary in this collective journey.  Freedom will continue to elude us in the absence of Liberty, that is,  the moral imperative to act in a just and responsible way.

“The first step to escape The Matrix is training your awareness to be LESS focused on The Matrix and MORE focused on the Simulation and Greater Reality.”

Michael was born and raised in the heart of the machine, in a Rockefeller-funded, social-experiment village, located outside of Washington, DC.  Shortly after 9/11 he began to slowly move away from mainstream living, thinking and values, while 2017 marked his entrance into the syncro-mystic, alt-history podcasting realm with his groundbreaking research on the Susquehanna River.  Since then, he has been a guest on countless shows, sharing his unique understanding of reality, consciousness and society.

In 2022, Michael accepted an invitation to present his findings to a group of high ranking Freemasons despite not being a member of any secret society.  Immediately after that fateful night, the infrastructure of his personal life collapsed and a free fall began….until he learned to fly.

No longer an armchair culture-critic, Michael has fully embraced life as a nomadic astrologer, moving in and out of the matrix, while no longer being a part of it.  Now, as a Skywalker, or Arrow Circulator, he travels the land in a circle, preparing it for a new paradigm, that is different than the technocratic dictatorship the past 4 generations have been indoctrinated to both build and accept.  He does this by teaching and practicing natural astrology, as means to re-wild consciousness outside of matrix paradigm programing.

Michael’s audiences find him light, fun, philosophical and immensely creative, with strong communications skills into the Collective Subconscious and the Universal. Prepare to go deep into both the destructive and transformative qualities of the subconscious.

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