#215 – The Death Of Scientism w/ Steve Young

Theoretical & Nuclear Physicist turned music producer & DJ, Steve Young aka “Hedflux”, returns to Alfacast for an exclusive preview of his soon-to-be-released book, tentatively titled “Conspiracies of Science and the Secret Art of Alchemy”.

In our last interview Steve elaborated on his quest to find scientific explanations for the shamanic experience, and the Alchemy of Music through the harmonics of 432HZ

“I was finally led toward the ancient art of Alchemy. Artists and philosophers have for millennia contemplated the nature of Truth and sought beautiful and enduring ways to express it, while the ruling classes have worked to hide, obscure and distort it, preferring to keep the public divided in ignorance.”  ~Steve Young

Steve has honored Alfacast with the formal announcement of his upcoming publication, and we couldn’t be more thrilled!

As Steve explains, “I originally wanted to write a book about Alchemy, since this was the single greatest knowledge discovery of my life, and I have desperately wanted to share that beautiful wisdom with people in my own words, though it’s proven to be not an easy task. I discovered the hard way that many are not ready to hear, and what seems clear and beautiful and divine to me can sound like total obscure nonsense to someone else.”

“It became apparent that I couldn’t very well teach people about alchemy without first showing them how all of the modern science dogma they’ve been force-fed since birth, is incorrect. So, the book is two parts, 12 chapters each. The first part is a nigredo of sorts, where the commonly held theories that underpin physics, chemistry and biology are rebuked and incinerated in the fires of criticism, reduced to their ashes. This is my best attempt at countering the counter-intelligence propaganda that has corrupted science at the root level.”

“Simply put, Nature is motion through transmutation, and Alchemy is the demonstration of these principles.”  ~ Dr. Barre Lando

“The second part is an albedo, it’s all about bringing the light, unveiling the true science of alchemy, here I dive into many different aspects of The Art, the history, the elements, the principles, the seven processes and their correspondence to life and creativity.”

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