#216 – The End of Medical Mythology Part II w/ Dr. Barre Lando & Mike Winner

As the fear prepping for micro-terrorist redux is now in obvious full-tilt, what better time to have a good chuckle at the expense of those not-so-clever think-tankers attempting to resurrect the far-reaching medical indoctrination scams that Mel Brooks could only term ‘ludicrous speed’?!

In our recent, well-received episode “The End of Medical Mythology” we elaborated on six etiological categories of the origins of dis-ease to dispel the historically debunked notion of germ theory and biological entropism.

We went out on a tautological limb with multiple illness examples from the various levels of Bioterrain function to illustrate the commonality of all symptoms with the degradation of bioterrain integrity.

Bottom line, the only situation we’ve fallen victim to is institutionalized ignorance, while the issues affecting our good health have nothing to do with germs, death molecules or being dealt a bum DNA deck of cards.

In this sequel installment we’ll contrast the consequences of a compromised biology guided by fear-based hypnosis, with an Alchemical appreciation of the full Etheric-Physiological continuum that would reveal the means to eradicate both mythology & malady through the transmutational magic of Nature’s Design.


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