We’re most delighted to have Matt Presti, President of the University of Science & Philosophy return to Alfacast to delve further into the work of the greatest luminary in 2000 years, Walter Russell. On his last visit Matt shared the basic precepts of Russell’s cosmogony, and gave us a glimpse of energy-efficient technologies now in the works.

We’ll travel deeper down the Russell rabbit hole this time to reveal what could be the remedy to every issue we presently witness through world events. The most critical element of this science-based perspective is the inescapable conclusion that each and every one of us is the solution we seek. Dr. Walter Russell’s teachings give to mankind, a scientific and “living” philosophic understanding of man himself, the mind of man, the soul of man and his relationship to the “Universal One”.

The unfoldment of the “coming sense” or new faculty, commonly referred to as “cosmic consciousness,” stands before mankind in this dawning electric age. It is ours for the asking.

Show links: https://www.philosophy.org/



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