Dr. Edith Ubuntu Chan, L.Ac. is a doctor of Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture and author of the Amazon #1 bestselling book SuperWellness. As a practitioner, she’s known for her extraordinary success helping athletes achieve optimal health & high performance. Dr. Edith is also a Level III practitioner of Reconnective Healing and The Reconnection and one of only 300 Certified High Performance Coaches in the world. In addition to Holistic Medicine, Dr. E has devoted her life to exploring the frontiers of our human potential, with focus on personal growth, breathwork and meditation, which she shares on her podcast “the Dr. E Show”.

In this episode of Alfacast she takes us on a journey of personal experiences into the realms of true inner growth and spiritual development and how these revealed moments of clarity and growth led her to childbirth, awakening and helping the world understand what it truly takes to experience SuperWellness!

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