On this Alfacast episode we take a welcome break from the world of conspiracy rabbit holes.  We began this podcast on a Health & Wellness platform based on our decades of experience in Integrative Medicine, Athletic Performance & Biodynamic Farming.

Sophie Fletcher & Yerasimos Stilianessis join us to share their journey as talented practitioners in the healing arts, and its relevance to the complexities in today’s world.

Sophie spent most of her life wanting to “transcend the body” and employed various spiritual principles to help in this endeavor.  Upon completion of her first master’s degree in Spiritual Psychology she realized that the body actually held the key to true healing.  She then pursued training in various bodywork and energetic modalities mainly based in Chinese Meridian Theory for a number of years before she went on to do a second master’s and her PhD in Depth Psychology with an emphasis in Somatic Studies.

Sophie is dedicated to helping people decondition themselves to live more fully in alignment with their own truths.  She utilizes Human Design, bodywork, breathwork, energetic clearing techniques, and Somatic Experiencing with her clients.  Sophie focuses on tapping into the unconscious by attending to what comes forward through the innate wisdom of the client’s body to help guide them into greater freedom through their multi-leveled being.

Yerasimos has been on a truth seeking journey for over 20 years guiding fellow truth seekers committed to growth in the self-realization process.

His education and knowledge extends through a number of diverse areas including psychology, somatic therapies, human design, performing arts, nutrition, and more…

Yerasimos is a staunch advocate for individuals stepping into their true purpose and potential through self-knowledge and conscious action.

He is the co-host of the “Here For The Truth” podcast and co-creator of the “Rise Above The Herd” group coaching program designed to empower truth seekers to reclaim their power and live life on their terms.

Are you ready to reclaim the robust health that is yours by Natural Design, and your birthright to Self-Determination?  This episode will deliver invaluable insights from experienced practitioners to inspire those who choose freedom from limitation & fear.

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