On this episode we go deep into the real science behind the Law of Attraction.  Different terms have been used to describe this very real force operative in every interaction, and the Great Ones have always known the secret to harnessing it.

Tara Pilling is a Peak Performance Mindset Consultant with Bob Proctor, Law of attraction expert, Internationally best selling author, Holistic Practitioner, Yoga and Meditation Teacher, and Ayurveda coach.

She was personally coached and mentored by Bob Proctor himself and is a leading International ‘Inner Circle’ Consultant with their company – Proctor & Gallagher.

“I am passionate about inspiring others to reach their goals and dreams and access more of their potential, your potential is unlimited and the average person is using maybe between 5-10% of their potential.”

Tara has worked with some of the best in human potential, personal development and leadership such as Tony Robbins, Robin Sharma, Les Brown, Mary Morrisey, Price Pritchett, Donald Miller and Bob Proctor.

Tara has dedicated her life to helping people realize their full potential to ignite greater prosperity, and worked many years as a practitioner in physical therapy, holistic and energy based medicine, yoga, meditation (vipassana practitioner) and Ayurveda coaching.

“Get your mind right and the world will follow your lead. It truly is an inside job.”

Tara lives in beautiful BC Canada on the Okanagan Lake with her husband Brad and two great kids Maya and Kingston. She has dedicated many years to Waldorf education for her children and is an anthroposophy student.  She especially enjoys time in the forest, gardening, foraging, camping, traveling, running and meditation.

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