Isabel was born in Melbourne, Australia and spent her childhood between Australia’s Northern Territory and Switzerland and speaks French, Swiss-German and English.

Lucas was involved in drama during her school years and became well-known in her native Australia for her breakout role in the popular Australian series Home and Away. Isabel continued to build an impressive filmography after her move to Hollywood where she received acclaim working in major film productions including Speilberg features earning the award for Best Breakout Performance-Female in sci-fi and action and various other awards within the movie industry.

A lifelong love for animals and preserving natural habitats would lead to her spokesperson role for ending the slaughter of dolphins and whales, while adopting a personal vegan lifestyle.

Isabel’s inclination toward activism has recently extended into controversial issues including concerns over global 5G activation and involuntary vaccination. Speaking out about such issues has unfortunately provoked the unpleasant ire of the legacy media that severely frowns upon celebrity speaking truth.

As a personal friend to Dr. Lando’s family we’re looking especially forward to a great chat with Isabel, and as always, within a solution-based context relevant to current global issues.

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