Dr. Melissa began her health discovery journey in 2005 right out of high school. She was raised in a typical family with mainstream views of health, but that all changed when she became a chiropractor assistant. She learned that the body is programmed for health and already equipped with everything necessary for healing. The revelation that a healthy spine supported by proper lifestyle led to her decision to attend Chiropractic College, while graduating at the top of her class.

Dr. Melissa began studying the mind through meditation, self-study & mentorship to more fully appreciate health as a product of “Self-Understanding”. She has shared her experience through on-line trainings to coach people through the journey of Self-Understanding with clients typically achieving amazing results.

Melissa then discovered German New Medicine. “GNM is a GAME CHANGER” she states. “It takes everything I love about chiropractic philosophy (innate wisdom, body’s ability to heal itself) and combines it with the supremacy of the Mind and the science of evolution and embryology and delivers a complete understanding of how the body works to heal, what disease really is, and how to return to ideal function. I am eternally grateful for the work Dr. Hamer has done. His legacy and his amazing discovery will live on through me.”

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