#207 – Uncovering Our Real History Through Bio-Geology w/ Mike Wilkerson

Are many land & rock formations actually petrified Titanic beings, mega flora & fauna from another era? Bio-Geologist, Dr. Mike Wilkerson, is here to tell us why this may indeed be true!

Mike Wilkerson has always had a knack for asking unconventional questions. As a teen computer hobbyist turned hacker in the early 80s, his thirst for knowledge led to wild adventures with some of the top hackers in the nation. But in 1985, the fun ended in a brief incarceration, after being caught for his infiltration of computer servers at Microsoft and three other Seattle area companies.

Though he has walked the straight and narrow since then, Mikes propensity towards questioning the unquestionables has never waned. In the decades that followed, he morphed from a mischievous hacker, to a benevolent back-cracker.

For over a decade now, Mike has lived and worked as a chiropractor on the Costa Blanca in Spain, where his mission is to improve the health of the world one spine and mind at a time.

As a part-time independent researcher, Mike has focused primarily on alternative history, non-standard cosmologies, catastrophism and rapid petrification. Some of his presentations are available on his Stellium7 YT channel.

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