#210 – Reading The Stars For What Is To Come w/ Robert Phoenix

On this episode we delve further into our investigation of the Skyclock with Robert Phoenix, a practicing astrologer since 2008.  Prior to that, during the 90’s he was a tarot reader/psychic. In between, stints with music, journalism and Dotcommery were part of his life.

In 2013, Robert’s “11th House” series debuted on Gaia TV. He produced and hosted 25 episodes of cutting edge, mundane astrology. To this day, it’s still some of the most popular content on Gaia.

He currently curates the 11th House on YouTube where he produces and hosts “The AstroWeather,” “Sirius Sports”, “The Friday FARcast”, “Sunday Night AstroLive,” and “Fifteen Minutes Ov Flame” currently on Boxcast TV, T-Thur at 9:11AM CST.

In addition to these alt-media productions, Robert also gives personal readings for clients through his website robertphoenix.com.

We’re looking forward to a lively & informative roundtable with Robert to learn more from his unique Astrological perspective.

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