The Alfa Vedic permaculture-based Co-Op is on a twofold mission.  AV Garden’s farm-based business was designed to provide a replicable, self-funding prototype, as our contribution to the imperative need for a decentralized culture built upon a foundation of conscious communities.

Secondly, we understand the import of creating a global talent pool of experts in the fields of biodynamic agriculture, alternative building and Bioterrain Medicine.  In recent months Alfa cast has entertained a steady stream of innovators from far-off lands including those industrious souls making change happen right here in the lower 50.

On this Alfacast we continue the timely thread with renown bio-architect Paul “River” Richardson and his partner and hemp visionary Imani Mamalution, the creators of Haven Earth and the Haven Earth Trade School.

“Our responsibility as designers, builders and consumers is to make the changes we wish to see in the world.”

Paul is an international pioneer in the bio-architecture space with an uncanny ability to translate his long career in the design and construction industry into regenerative building solutions.  Imani is a mother, educator and author who homeschooled her 5 homebirthed daughters in her organic cafe over a decade ago.  Together, they have created a comprehensive online course that takes you step-by-step through the process of building with Hempcrete.

“At Haven Earth you’ll master the art of Hemp Building with beautiful, ecological designs that inspire how we dwell on the planet and work towards localized agrarian models that support a cohesive move back to the land.”

Imani & Paul are freedom-loving pioneers who believe the best way to secure our sovereignty is through innovation, problem-solving and up-leveling our skills that are required for the times ahead, so that the old system becomes obsolete.

“We are passionate about educating and inspiring people of all ages to build a future that honors nature’s principles and serves the highest good of all.  It’s not just about returning to the land, but how we do it that matters.”

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