Sol Luckman is a pioneering visual artist, award-winning novelist and humorist, and bestselling author of nonfiction books on health, spirituality, and consciousness.

As an accomplished ink and acrylic painter Sol offers a glimpse of this universe of intelligent energy in his artwork, as objects condition space with their essence, and vice versa, and the outside conflates with the inside because All Is One.

Sol’s international bestsellers span fiction with Snooze & Cali The Destroyer, nonfiction Conscious Healing, Potentiate Your DNA, and

humor/satire The Angel’s Dictionary, Musings From A Small Island.

In his bold, colorful compositions, three of which have been featured on the covers of Itzhak Beery’s The Gift of Shamanism, Shamanic Transformations & Shamanic Healing, Sol is committed to exploring and depicting energy.

This podcast will leave no stone unturned as Sol’s intrepid explorations into fake science, the present global dystopia and the very nature of Consciousness are congruent with the philosophical leanings of your Alfacast hosts.

Why are some vulnerable to the mind parasites, while many of us laugh them off, are accepted historical accounts the biggest fables of all, and what constitutes the true fabric of our Realm? Tune in and join the conversation!

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