Reinette Senum is an adventurer, storyteller, filmmaker, writer, community activist, and former city council member and mayor. Reinette’s activism as a freedom advocate has more recently gained her acclaim, but she has always walked a unique path.

As a 27 year-old self-made adventurer in 1994 she battled sub-freezing temperatures, exhaustion and the vast loneliness of the Alaskan wild traveling over 1,500 miles hauling a sled weighing 160 pounds with her rescued sled dog.

As the major of Nevada City, California, Reinette rose to her oath of office to oppose Governor Newsom’s statewide mandate to wear masks by correctly asserting the order could not be enforced.

“As you go about your day today, KNOW there is NO LAW that Orders you to Wear a Mask. Our Governor does NOT have that unilateral power to make such orders. Ask our local Police chief or officers. They will not, and cannot, cite ANYBODY for not wearing a mask because the law does not exist.”

Reinette’s bold response predictably drew the ire of the political class prompting her resignation from the City Council. Reinette stated “These lockdowns and what I would call ‘house arrests’ of a healthy public are draconian and are doing massive destruction upon our local economy and the overall well-being of our community. And when I would say that as an elected official, I got the wrath of God, so, I’m going to say it as a private and free citizen.”

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