Kaya Leigh is the Founder and Director of Sacred Breath Academy, an established leader in the Breathwork field for over 7 years, with more than 500 Sacred Breath Facilitators around the globe, on 6 continents, and over 45 countries (and counting).

“Breathwork is the key to unlocking the grail within.”

As the Creator of The Sacred Breath Method™,  Kaya stewards a modern-day Feminine Mystery School, and supports thousands of women globally through sacred feminine embodiment, trauma release, womb healing and full-spectrum reclamation.

“Sacred Breath Academy is a Modern-Day Mystery School that preserves a large body of Wisdom Teachings, synthesizing both ancient and modern knowledge into powerfully-unified transmissions.”

Kaya is an International Teacher, Speaker and Trainer who has traveled the world extensively to share her training in Emotional Intelligence, Somatic Experiencing, Polyvagal Theory, Compassionate Inquiry, Conscious Communication, the Subconscious Domain, Trauma & Nervous System Awareness, and much more.

“Before we may harness any kind of collective change, we must first live and embody that change within ourselves.”

While crafting sacred and transformative containers for over a decade, supporting thousands of people all over the world, Kaya’s life’s work exists for one essential reason: to guide others home to themselves so that they may fully reclaim who they are on the deepest levels.

The Sacred Breath Method facilitates expanded states of consciousness to establish new neural pathways in the cultivation of emotional intelligence, somatic healing, soul retrieval, and the integration of the knowing that you are a multidimensional, whole, and sacred being.

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