On this episode of Alfacast “FPV Angel” leads us on a mind-bending decoding expedition to discern the true nature of our planetary home.
The reviews are in, and the rapidly growing Alfacast community agrees that our eclectic venue of exceptional guests and in-house discussions continues to deliver content that is both expansive and relevant. This week’s episode is no exception.

“FPV Angel” represents an international group of brilliant investigative researchers decoding the true reality of the realm that we call home. Through the most advanced research the world has ever seen FPV Angel will present what they term The Angelic Particle Matrix.

“We call our model The Angelic Particle Matrix which reveals the Creator’s glory.”

The decodings include scriptures, the Nazca Lines, Enoch, sacred geometry, geo/petro/hiero glyphs, colosseums, pyramids, Angels, Sun halo’s, lunar waves, quakes, and volcanoes.

Our discussion will highlight what the luminaries are and how they work, the Walter Russell cosmogeny, and the 400 year resets responsible for all of the historical destruction via tsunamis and mud floods etc. All findings are cross-referenced with real world data, history, holy books and prophecies.

FPV Angel states, “we are not affiliated with any other group, community, entity, world map or model as we work on our own map and model without any external influence – which we have been proving over time.”

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