The primary distinction between Feudalism & a Free Society is our right to Property Ownership. We have been defrauded from this Unalienable Right, but the time of the Great Reclamation is here.
Scholars, activists and truth seekers alike are now verifying that the free American Republic, and most countries in the world have been captured through fraudulent contracts into neo-feudalism. Nowhere is this more apparent than in the united States that fought the Revolutionary War over the right to property ownership, and not taxes as we have been led to believe.

Whether you have a home mortgage, “own” your home loan-free or pay rent to a landlord, Land Patents are the cornerstone to our collective future and ability to live Life to its fullest and freely prosper.

The erosion of our basic rights and quality of life has reached such dismaying proportions that many are now actively seeking remedy. Legal process of “political status correction” and formalized rebuttals to those who claim false authority have gone viral, but the issue of Land Patents does not receive proper attention.

In this very special in-house episode Dr. Barre Lando and Mike Winner will present Part 1: Gaining Allodial Title by reclaiming the original Land Patent on your property. We will discuss why this is equally important for those of you who consider yourselves “renters”, and give prima facie evidence that we are all tenants paying rent, fees and fines, while requiring “permission” from the lords of a literal Feudal System through permits and licenses. If we do not reclaim our birthright to live free and unencumbered on the Land, we will forever be “lost at sea” in our present system of Admirality Law.

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