“Cowards feel fear and abandon the notion of doing right, a brave soul does right regardless of fear.”
~ Paul-Pablo

Buckle up! On this episode we’ll take you into places where most fear to go. Paul-Pablo Remington Jones is a genuine warrior who dares to speak truth, and walk his talk regardless of the consequences.

Bureaucrats and public servants now wreak havoc in our lives, while running contrary to Natural Law, their own Oath of Office and basic morality. Paul doesn’t shy from letting usurpers of Common Law know that there is only one Authority each of us must ultimately recognize, and it isn’t them!

In Paul’s own words: “The mission is a common sense, courteous approach to educating folks about common law and the legal system. The intent is to provide a platform for public servants to act in good faith, and also educate those that are misinformed.”

“The goal of my life and media is to create a functional community together based in truth and understanding as well as upholding universal law aka the common law.”

As we witness the mindless compliance of today’s group-thought to the detriment of our health, freedoms and the very purpose of this “journey of the Soul” Paul’s message and heart are more timely than ever.

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