Breathing Is A Strategy

Today On Alfacast, Dr. Barre Lando was joined by Mike Winner from Alfa Vedic to discuss why breathing is the ultimate healing strategy.

Breathing should be anything but unconscious. We broke down easy to learn breathing techniques that will heal anything and everything! The ultimate cure has been right under your nose, so why aren’t doctors taught the power of breath?

Old world breathwork has been demystified, researched and simplified. What’s more is that it’s free, can’t be regulated and available for use whenever you’re ready for pro-active self-empowerment.


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    Navigating parts of this site is getting somewhat tedious since some of its links don’t point to the correct content.

    In this specific case, when selecting the link “Free Energy As A Reality w/ Matt Presti & Darren Colomb”, that’s not where you end up, instead, you’re directed to “Breathing Is A Strategy”, which has nothing to do with free energy. So, when will this get fixed?

    The issue of not seeing the expected content (incorrect linking) has also been encountered on the product pages, so a general review of the validity of all the site links seems to be overdue, to say the least.


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