Hydrogen is the new buzz word amidst health enthusiasts and practitioners alike. A burgeoning industry has emerged to provide a myriad of expensive technologies, supplements and bottled hydrogen-enriched water to make greater concentrations of H2 available to the body. Why?

Molecular Hydrogen is nature’s most primal antioxidant, while promoting a healthy metabolism for a functional boost to energy and vitality.

Would you like a low-tech, low-cost alternative to expensive water machines and products to increase daily H2 levels in your body? Eat an Apple!

An apple a day’, as the old proverb wisely states, will release significant levels of H2 to your bloodstream.

Here’s a final tip for the Carbon 60 ‘researchers’ out there. Eating an apple within 30 minutes of a Carbon 60 dose will enhance the beneficial effects of H2 and Carbon 60 in both directions.

I prefer nature’s original game-plan personally, and the old ‘apple a day’ adage is more relevant than ever with the advent of Carbon 60 research and availability.


Be Well,
Dr. Barre Paul Lando

Dr. Lando completed MICP certification from Stanford Medical School after pre-med studies, and earning his MS in Psychology. As a scholarship athlete in college, and life-long enthusiast in the martial arts, his interest in athletic training and nutrition were the impetus for attending both Naturopathic and Chiropractic colleges with specializations in Japanese Meridian Therapy, Kinesiology, Osteopathy & traditional European Bio-Terrain Medicine. Dr. Lando is a certified Master Gardener trained in Permaculture, and conducts Agri-Medicine workshops for growing nutrient-dense food at his medicinal herb farm in the Northwest.

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