As a long-time fan of Buckminster Fuller, and ample research into his discovery of Carbon 60 (Buckey Balls) under my belt, I have my own ideas why the ingestion of Carbon 60 produces such dramatic effects in cell biology. My understanding of the human body is always through a lense of geometry, and cubic wave forms, and I have a hunch or two how Buckey Balls interact on that level. I do admit to pure educated speculation in this regard, so I’ll defer to what I do know about its biochemical action, and the effects I have personally witnessed.

I believe Carbon 60 is perhaps one of the single-most significant discoveries for improving health, as an adjunct to a balanced lifestyle. I’ve followed the development of Carbon 60 research for a good number of years, especially the growing evidence indicating its powerful effects on increasing the lifespans of research test subjects, and the absence of toxic side-effects even when administered at ridiculously high dosage levels.

Anecdotal experience continues to substantiate research findings, but its use within athletic circles is particularly noteworthy. Competitors universally report exceedingly faster recovery times from intense training, and injury rehabilitation, with noticeable improvements in strength, endurance and cognition. As an aging jock I’ve personally noticed a mitigation of creaks and groans in my joints that have sustained incredible abuse through years of football, and martial arts.

My clinical experience in the application of Biological Terrain Medicine indicates a strong boost in the action of other protocols utilizing osteopathic and meridian therapy modalities along with herbal, isopathic, homeopathic and nutrient preparations. I do not look at anything as a cure-all, but it has proven extremely effective in neutralizing the molecular by-products (free radicals) of stressors and contaminants, thus freeing the body’s own self-healing abilities.

There are a handful of excellent C60 products out there, as this appears to be quite the rage these days. Don’t mistake this for just another fad, however. Some of us have been looking at this long prior to its current trending status. I prefer olive oil suspension, for a number of reasons (I am Italian after all), but proper concentrations in full oil-suspension is the key.

I use the Olive oil suspension formulation in-line with the original C60 research to achieve the highest concentrations free of residual solvents for maximum purity. FIND IT HERE We always remind folks that C60 is for research purposes only, but aside from stellar toxicology reports, we’re all adults here … aren’t we?

Dr. Barre Paul Lando

“Integrity is the essence of everything successful. ~ R. Buckminster Fuller

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