Would it seem outrageous to consider the ingestion of psychotropic plants, as a viable catalyst in medical intervention? I would argue that the appropriate, and measured use of these agents has infinitely greater wisdom without the inherent dangers of pharmaceuticals. Let’s be clear, I’m not suggesting that you call your local shaman for a case of the sniffles. We’re talking about the much-dreaded diagnosis.

Firstly, I would recommend two of my recent posts on steemit.com and AlfaVedic.com, THE VACCINE AGENDA: A TRAIL OF TEARS, and THE VACCINE AGENDA: A KARMIC TSUNAMI, as companions to this read. I introduced many concepts in those writings, including an extreme departure from the conventional interpretation of disease. Thrown into the hopper were freshman level mentions on the electric universe, and the juxtaposition of you, as the grand architect in your corner of the Universe. Extensive latitude of discussion indeed, but further elaborations will follow, and the nexus between these topics will become apparent.

So for good measure, let’s throw Ayahuasca and Pysilicybin into the mix. I previously spoke of an evidence-based medical approach with roots in Germanic New Medicine. It goes something like this; disease is an evolutionary device unique to fellow bipeds. The jump from reactionary animal to rationality is facilitated through pre-programmed biological expressions that we grossly mistake for an ailment, or “oops” in natural design. When life’s more dramatic encounters send shock waves through the psyche, an electrical stimulus affects a precise area of the brain, which in turn triggers a literal translation of the emotional intensity via bodily tissues. In other words, our physicality is used to relieve inordinate pressures on the psyche.

A bio-electric reset allows the original patterns of creation to once again supersede the overlays of social indoctrination. Electric wave-forms are the only reality in the world of appearance, no matter how stridently our senses beg to differ. A skilled physician brings awareness to this process to widen the scope of affliction resolution beyond the limits of materialistic superstition. I’ve personally witnessed clients too numerous to remember, heal the incurable, when they courageously broke from mainstream thought.

Unfortunately, societal institutions are presently throwing the proverbial kitchen sink at the collective unconscious leaving an almost impenetrable fog of fear in its wake. This is where Ayahuasca and Pysilicybin become relevant. I must admit to personal experience here, and explain it the only way I know how, subjectively. The great cosmic joke on the prideful empiricists of the world is that there is no such thing as non-subjective!

Similar to Nikola Tesla, Walter Russell was too far ahead of his time for his own good. He was capable of seeing the code to the universal fabric firsthand. He reported his findings to academia and government, but the response was predictable. Some of his discoveries concerning the periodic table of elements were plagiarized, while most of his work was summarily suppressed. Interestingly, many dabblers in the world of psychotropic plant medicine have experienced very similar visuals, albeit lacking the interpretive genius of Russell. One thing for certain, the façade will lessen its grip on your perception of reality forever!

I’m certain you’re already seeing where we’re going here, but let’s bring disease back into the discussion. The supervised use of Ayahuasca and Pysilicybin can dramatically reconfigure the entrainments that get us into trouble in the first place. Similar to the aforementioned medical approach, awareness is the cure. Under the guidance of psychotropic assistance, I believe a more systemic recalibration can be expedited. These substances are in no way for everyone, nor are they to be trifled with.

Buyer beware; societal device has so fractured and compartmentalized the average psyche, that a sudden dose of reality could prove more than unsettling, perhaps with unfortunate residuals. In the world of plant medicine, this has ominously come to be known as a bad trip.

I personally favor daily practices within the internal arts to gradually realign neurology with macro-patterns, but this requires time and discipline; two ingredients glaringly absent in our present culture. Trending practices involving breath work, and cryo-techniques are exceedingly useful on many levels as well. Circumstances at times, however, require more immediate measures to outrun the consequences of rigidly engrained beliefs.

Now we return full circle to the diagnosis, as a sanctioned expert delivers the bad news with all the professional distance he can muster. Foreboding reprimands for proper treatment are replete with harsh expectations for both quality and duration of life, and the damage is already done. Talk about a bad trip! It is during these stressful moments that you may wish to consider all available options, including a provocative and dramatic shift in the way you view the entirety of your experience. Do your research, and act with intelligent deliberation

Dr. Barre Paul Lando

Dr. Lando completed MICP certification from Stanford Medical School, after pre-med studies, and earning his MS in Psychology. As a scholarship athlete in college, and life-long enthusiast in the martial arts, his interest in athletic training and nutrition were the impetus for attending both Naturopathic and Chiropractic colleges with specializations in Japanese Meridian Therapy, Kinesiology, Osteopathy & traditional European Bio-Terrain Medicine.

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