One of our more popular Alfacast guests, Reinette Senum, returns for what promises to be an inspiring and entertaining interview.  In our last episode with Reinette she shared stories from her amazing life from braving the trans-Alaskan wilderness by dogsled, to filmmaking, writing and community activism.

As the major of Nevada City, California, Reinette rose to her oath of office to oppose Governor Newsom’s statewide mandate to wear masks by correctly asserting the order could not be enforced.  In similar fashion, Reinette has set her sights on a much larger quest to become the next Governor of California!  In Reinette’s own words from

“I am running for Governor as an independent, common-sense candidate focused on core values and ethics, but in order to turn California around we are going to need an unprecedented effort by all of us working together.

Based upon the Nations of the Iroquois Confederacy that originally inspired our United States Constitution, we will use the Seven Generation principle as the primary guiding force of this campaign because all decisions made today should serve the next seven generations.

Now is the time to recommit to a common- sense, values-based, local control system of self-governance that is centered around the health and well-being of all children, their parents and caregivers, and all the business owners, farmers, teachers and workers who make this state golden.

When I am Governor, Californians will once again have the freedom to manage their own day-to-day lives and the lives of their families. I will ensure that the state always provides comprehensive, transparent information in a clear manner and then allows people and communities to make their own decisions through the normal democratic process. One of my first acts will be to drive through the strongest legal protections against any future governor ever again illegally and unconstitutionally demolishing our state and its institutions and traditions.”

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