“Our Health May Be Created by the Light from Outside, but It All Begins with the Light from Within.”

Matt Maruca is the Founder and CEO of Ra Optical. As a child Matt struggled constantly with debilitating headaches, allergies, and gut issues. He spent years trying Western medical drugs, Eastern diets and herbs, and modern diets and supplements to no avail, but everything changed when he learned about the role of mitochondria in producing energy and maintaining health in the body.

Matt’s research led to the understanding that all chronic diseases manifest when mitochondria are severely damaged, and at the root of his own health issues. This led to the realization of why his own mitochondria had become compromised.

In Matt’s own words: “Mitochondria are “electromagnetic” in nature, which means that their ability to process food and make energy is controlled by light. Every night, a hormone called melatonin helps to repair our mitochondria while we sleep.”

“The problem was, I was sabotaging myself with my late-night TV, phone, and computer use, destroying my melatonin level and my mitochondria. The Blue Light frequencies in devices mimic the sun and tricked my brain into thinking it was daytime and that I didn’t need to sleep. I had to find a way to reset my circadian rhythm so my mitochondria could get the rest and repair needed.” This would become the origin of Ra Optics.

Tune in, and you just may find the solution for your own lingering symptoms, and better understand why insomnia is the most prevalent symptom in our society today.

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