#44 – Protecting Yourself From The Perils of 5G w/ Justin Frandson

Special guest Justin Frandson, owner/creator of EMF Rocks returns to Alfacast for a critical 5G update. His last time here he shared his expertise on the health consequences of EMF & dirty electricity and what we can do about it. In light of current events and the possible connection of 5G to “pandemic” symptomatology this subject matter is especially relevant.

Justin additionally has 20 years experience in the field of high-level sports performance using his ATHLETICISM Neuro-Stacking technique. His impressive clientele list consists of amateur and professional athletes from the PGA, NFL, MLB, NBA, NHL, AVP, WSL and more.

Justin found through these years that athlete’s recovery time and overall longevity were somehow getting worse. The potential big culprit? EMF exposure!

Show links: https://emfrocks.com/





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