Nikola Tesla gave us free and abundant energy that wouldn’t hurt a living thing. He knew the universe gave in two-directions. The early Vedic teachings were all about this, and Walter Russell made it digestible for us westerners.

Empowerment through knowledge is our mission statement. We are conditioned to defer “important stuff” to experts … co-dependent dystopia! Always be suspicious of your innate abilities in the absence of credentials.

We’ll introduce concepts, and build on them over time. Zero Point is the ground state energy of any natural process. Tesla knew matter as waveforms … between the waves is a fulcrum, or Zero Point. The Alfa Vedic Zero Point product line puts this knowledge to use.

The formulas are built around transitional elements as the integral ingredients. These elements are mineral, but not yet metallic as we typically perceive. A bit more Tesla-speak about spiraling wave forms and such, and this would be … well, elemental.

Metallic minerals conduct electricity in the body, but super conductivity is our real design. That is, energy flows resistance free, with no loss of energy … perpetual motion! Minerals in a pre-metallic ceramic state, transitional minerals, facilitate and restore this characteristic. Every level of human function benefits equally!

Our transitional elements are harvested from the purest soil and water, and sourced through our good friend Ambaya Martin in Sedona, Arizona. Zero Point Formulas use transitional elements with fulvic/humic acid to activate and direct other nutrients, vitamins, amino acids and enzymes. Their importance is why we made them Alfa Vedic’s flagship line.

Dr. Barre

All truths are easy to understand once they are discovered; the point is to discover them. ~Galileo Galilei

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