The abundant presence of radio-active contaminants has become an unfortunate fact of life.   Deep below the earth’s crust these elements play a vital role in the rapid decay of rock formations to make nutrient-rich topsoil available for us top-siders … good idea. Its existence in a still radio-active state above ground … not so much.   You see, it unravels things very quickly … like your DNA.

Walter Russell knew all about the radio-active elements, Neptunium and Plutonium, prior to their official discovery by conventional science.   He called them Uridium and Urium in his 1926 published periodic table of elements. Simple concepts can illustrate all you need to understand about these intense toxins, while minimizing their harmful effects.

Walter convincingly demonstrated the true building blocks of Nature as electrical wave-forms, not particulates or atoms. In real life a wave-form is actually a 3-dimensional spiral.   Hydrogen then, only differs from Carbon according to the lengths and amplitudes of their spiraling waves.   Octaves, noble gas portals and photonic gravity shafts come in to play, but this stuff needs to be digested in bite-sized morsels.

Spirals always exist in pairs … as one spiral winds tighter to compress into matter, its anti-matter counterpart is already unwinding in the opposite direction.   The unwinding part is radiative.   So what’s the big deal about radio-active elements?

Let me offer an analogy … create a basketball that can withstand any pressure, and inflate it a billion times greater than normal … now release the pressure. An explosive unwinding of great pressure will unravel anything in its path of a lower potential.   That would be you and I.

Zeolite, a natural healing clay, absorbs radiation, and has been used widely in Asia and Russia for radiation sickness.  It has also proven extremely effective to eliminate heavy metals that destroy our immune and nervous system … chemtrails anyone? (more on that in a later post.)

Zeolite is the active ingredient in Alfa Vedic’s Zero Point No. 4 – Zeolite formula. Here’s what you need to know.  We use the best, purest clintoptolite Zeolite, and add transitional elements to both activate, and lend important mineralization qualities.   A fulvic/humic acid base in a water medium assures assimilation and further nutrient value. Other elements including stabilized oxygen and key nutrients are used to support the chelation and tissue repair process.

In my clinic days, chelation therapy was an integral component to support people’s recovery from chronic degenerative conditions.  We used many forms of chelation agents and delivery methods, including intravenous … they all worked, albeit with various drawbacks, or limitations inherent in each one.

Chelation therapy was formerly an option for those with overt symptoms; now it should be standard issue for a lifetime. Zeolite works better than anything I’ve used … it’s effective, and gentle.  Our convenient oral liquid form allows one to expand the chelation window far beyond the two-hour shelf-life of IV action.   Alfa Vedic’s  Zero Point No. 4 – Zeolite formula is so much more than simple Zeolite supplementation… it’s the best.

Dr. Barre

An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. ~ Benjamin Franklin

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