Now that I approach the completion of seven decades in this particular go-around, there is only one certainty of which I have zero doubt. Things are not as they appear … not by a long shot. I traversed the university system in early years in hope this ‘formal’ education would ply my abilities to perform my chosen trade with a modicum of expertise … graduate school psychology, medical school, naturopathic & chiropractic coIlege, post-doctorate blah, blah, blah. I studied and practiced, but still … things didn’t add up. Too many inconsistencies to pass ‘classical logic’ muster, nor were they congruent with my personal experience, and there was always that nagging inner voice … keep looking!

The Earth is in transition, and those of us upon it have a rare opportunity. Think of it as a musical interval. We see the outer chaos that mirrors the conflict within each of us, yet many are becoming aware of a vast and palpable potential. Between the two pitches, if you will, is where the transformation will occur; it’s where we’ll find the gems. Every individual is now required to make a decision, surrender inner dissonance to larger harmonics, or succumb to it.

What about medicine and ‘disease’? That’s where I come in, as it’s been my pre-occupation for a good number of years now. ‘Disease’ is pure fiction! That’s right, a chimerical fabrication of institutions that profit, or gain further control over an uninformed populous through fear. What about all of the people that succumb to these very conditions you may ask? Epidemics, lethal tumors, congenital disorders, what about those? Be patient, we’ll get to all of that.

I had the same questions, but in particular, why didn’t I learn any of this through my required curriculums? If I couldn’t answer this basic question, then my inclination toward a divergent path, prompted quite persuasively through informational/experiential sources less ‘conventional’, must be wrong. I had to know why, and I was reluctantly led to some very dark places. The more I learned the more sense it made why these inconsistencies escaped the notice of most ‘experts’. I was ‘red-pilled’, as many of the awakening masses like to say these days. There are plenty of brilliant researchers and independent investigators that have laid the truth bare for any who care to know, so I don’t need to go there. I am focused solely on solution, and that rabbit hole is a distraction in itself … I got what I needed, and got out.

I’ve always been private, and I don’t care for the exposure of the Internet. People who get results in my profession through ‘unapproved’ means, let alone offer public disclosure are dealt with very harshly, but it’s time to be vocal … for all of us! I now live off-grid in the back woods, and find solace in the company of ‘wild things’. Time in my herb garden, martial arts training and continuing studies peppered with periodic ‘work weeks’ in civilization are my preference.

I’ll be sharing my life’s journey through a maze of obfuscation by design. Much of what I learned through ‘accredited schools’ now seems rather silly in retrospect, but it was a start. I apprenticed with indigenous ‘healers’, successfully wrapped my mind around this ‘electrical simulation’ we mistake for ‘real’, and applied what I learned through thousands of clinical cases.

The mechanism of ‘disease’, as a neurologically programmed agent of healing will be revealed in future posts, backed by sound evidence-based science, conventional medical technologies and clinically documented cases. You’ll also be exposed to ‘real science’, which is to say, both sides of the equation. My studies were not at all a complete lie devoid of value, but they did represent half-truths. The missing half will literally set you free, and open vistas thought impossible. Most critically you’ll understand how you’ve been in the driver’s seat all along. I’ve pondered and procrastinated this undertaking for the following reasons: Firstly, the information is voluminous, so how do I distill through blog-sized bits over a reasonable time span in a logical tapestry for those lacking the necessary vocabulary? Next, information is not ‘knowing’, so you must have your own experience, and no one can do that in your stead.

I’ll illustrate how various laboratory assessments can accurately extrapolate the electrical state of your body and psyche through chemistry, so therapy protocols can ‘cut to the chase’. We’ll be discussing medical modalities, and where they fit within a larger context, while providing you with the tools to be ‘self-sustainable’. As an aging jock, I’ll be satisfying my own predilections with ample discussion on athletic and martial arts training, as well as nutrition and lifestyle changes that can render one more amenable to the finer impulses attempting to gain our attention every moment.

What if any of this were remotely true? Chemo, vaccinations, pharmaceuticals, annual breast and prostate exams, and much else deemed medically essential would necessarily be held to a higher level of scrutiny. Most important, what would this do for a humanity presently mired in fear? A word of caution, we are a species in transition still subject to the effects of an archaic belief system. Stay grounded, be vigilant and take care of business. This is not the easiest of paths, but the world is going there with or without us.

Dr. Barre Paul Lando

Mediocrity is self-inflicted. Genius is self-bestowed.” ~ Walter Russell

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