As rationality fades further behind the mists of ideologue talking points and profiteers, vaxers and naysayers alike in the great vaccine standoff may want to delve a bit deeper. ‘Mainstream’ science and medicine will not venture an iota in the direction to which I elude, for it would shed too much light on the essence and journey of the self.

I’ll wind this back to the issue of vaccination, but our discussion requires a context not yet considered within the vaccine controversy. I beg your patience, as we traverse seemingly diverse topics; it would also be helpful to review my prior post for additional preface: THE VACCINE AGENDA: A TRAIL OF TEARS,

You see, we are fundamentally different than our fellow Earth creatures. You may even think of it as an inequity that could be categorized as human privilege. Nassim Haramein, a wonderfully out-of-the-box physicist, and fellow Italian countryman had a brilliant idea to hopefully gain insight, as to where we fit in the grand scheme of things. First, he calculated the ratio of the inherent resonant field-to-size of each known, and speculated body in existence from subatomic to stellar colossal. He then plotted his calculations of the entire continuum of creation on a 2-axis graph, and what he found was startling. Each numerical value fell on a straight line when the final dots (coordinates) were connected. This simply suggests, there’s something beyond coincidence going on here, an intelligent design if you will.

What he discovered next was even more spectacular. Human biology (cells) fell precisely midpoint on the graph further suggesting that Man is the way station between the heavens and earth. To understand this from another perspective I’ll defer to the 19th century luminary, Rudolph Steiner. He explained the following; as toddlers our name is typically the first entry to our vocabulary, which is then used to identify ourselves in the 3rd person. For example, “Johnny wants this or that”, but quite spontaneously, and without coaching, Johnny one day states, “I want this or that”.

The ability to internalize the concept of self is a distinctly human attribute. Take a pause to ponder this evolution. The moment we identify self as central to our experience is precisely when we become co-creators on this plane. Both Haramein and Steiner were more than aware of the implications attached to capacity for internalization.

We are each the center of our own thought-provoked electric universe. There are no atoms, photons, quarks or otherwise tiny building blocks that shape our world, nor is there energy contained in matter. You are the energy! Emotion and intent mandate the velocity of the creative impetus, as our every thought reaches to infinity. Images held on the mental plane polarize to initiate the incredible nuances of vibration that register on our sensory apparatus to create our appearance world.

“I Think, Therefore I AM”

Please allow a final digression prior to returning to the topic at hand, THE VACCINE AGENDA. This is where human privilege kicks into high gear. Our biology is pre-programmed to afford a rapid ascent from the animal reactions of our lower nature to a rational behavior better suited to a world free of fear, and its unfortunate derivatives. Thousands of case studies substantiated by ‘accepted’ medical evidence attest to this natural design through practitioners versed in the principles of Germanic New Medicine and Bio-Terrain Medicine. What’s more, it is absolutely logical and congruous, compared to the inconsistencies and shoulder shrugging I encountered all too often in my ‘conventional’ schooling.

Germanic New Medicine is a brilliantly complex medical taxonomy that categorizes most known ‘pathologies’ according to the regions of the brain, and embryological tissue origins at play. When conflicts within the psyche demand a biological expression to relieve the pressure of electrical forces amplified through the dramatic events of life, biology comes to our rescue!

An infant in utero unfolds through the various phases of the animal kingdom from reptilian to mammalian, and the basic survival instincts of these critters are hard-wired into our nervous system. We have, however, been given a pass on a fight or flight existence, and a skilled physician will pragmatically bring awareness to the programs that retard our progress.

When we comprehend how perceived threats to our welfare, relationships and very survival are translated literally through changes in bodily tissues the next chapter of humanity will unfold, and the concept of ‘disease’ will vanish. The strategic wisdom underlying our biological design would prove astonishing to most; it certainly was for me!

In stark contrast to the victim of disease mindset, medical signs and symptoms provide the signposts for the predictable bi-phasic mechanism designed to reset body and mind. A more enlightened sense of the why puts medical training to its best use, as appropriate measures can be applied at the perfect time. Modalities and monitoring technologies can be employed with a sense of calm, while avoiding the shock and awe tactics that typically instigate our worst fears. As the old saying goes, “it’s all in the timing”.

For example, I am a big fan of fasting. Now let’s look at this age-old practice within the context of cancer terrain treatment. During the first half of the cancer terrain cycle, the conflict-active phase, fasting is a great idea, but not so much in the second half of the process. During the latter conflict-lysis portion, organisms that have already migrated to the area will be secreting enzymes to dissolve tissue growths, as the biological expression has achieved its mission.

Enzyme production requires an abundant supply of dietary protein, and fasting at this point leaves our miniature friends bereft of required elements. Moreover, these frustrated micro-creatures will then overstay their welcome to complicate matters in a number of ways. This single, albeit over-simplified example, illustrates why many natural-based treatments often prove more effective than a more invasive tact, but still with an unpredictable outcome.

The perfect-timing rule is likewise critical for herbal, homeopathic or pharmacologic intervention. Fact is, most doctors are shooting in the dark on both sides of the fence. The original role of physician, during the Pythagorean era was to teach the unification of mind, body and spirit. Hippocrates was no stranger to the idea of Man as the progenitor of his/her own experience, nor that the empirical method is an inside job.

So how does this so-called biological expression heal, when it certainly looks and feels suspiciously similar to illness, epidemics and all that ails us? A thorough explanation would be pretentious for this undertaking, but I promise ample elaboration will be forthcoming. Suffice for now, the physical expression of an intense emotional shock, or chronic concern provides the relief valve to appease instinctual reactions, and soothe the psyche. A conscious awareness of these processes fostered by a skilled physician will expedite the experiential learning curve, while decreasing the likelihood for the recurrence of symptoms. The wait for the inevitable other shoe to drop is gone forever. Rationality and fear are adversely proportional, and you can’t serve two masters.

So what have we learned thus far, and what does any of this have to do with the VACCINE AGENDA? At the soul level, and especially during infancy, vaccination is an assault against individual free will! We have no right to inflict our will on another, and for this we are already paying a heavy price. The injection of immune suppressing agents, animal and insect DNA, synthesized pathogens and God knows what else is also a grotesque insult to the psyche.

Such practices force a biological expression in the form of degenerative and cognitive disorders, and the all-too-common tumor growths now running parallel with the advent and escalation of these eugenic practices. Biology will make every attempt to regain a semblance of equilibrium, but present vaccine policies are pushing us to the point of no return. Most tragic, however, vaccination alters our very nature to impede the primary purpose of human embodiment on Earth; to provide an intensity of experience through a physical simulation for rapid soul expansion.

The average human within vaccinated populations has already been genetically modified. The presence of DNA from herd animals, and more exotic species to include insect derived genetics into the human gene pool cannot be disputed. I ask you, what karmic backlash will we suffer for changing the blueprint for humanity? With the commonplace presence of bovine DNA within our own, is it coincidental that the medical profession professes loudly to the import of herd immunity? Could this also account for the alarming decline in staunch individualism and those qualities we once associated with a free society?

Does any of this seem plausible? It’s up for you to decide, of course, but please keep in mind, whatever you do choose to believe will become your experience.

Dr. Barre Paul Lando

“Vaccination is a barbarous practice and one of the most fatal of all the delusions current in our time. Conscientious objectors to vaccination should stand alone, if need be, against the whole world, in defense of their conviction.” ~ Mahatma Gandhi


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