In this post I will reveal the highly coveted secret to living long, happy and healthy. Some may suggest it’s about lengthening DNA telomeres with Astragalus concentrate, or a different longevity herb. Photon therapy? A new meditation practice perhaps? Nope!

Do any of the above have merit? Absolutely! They can be useful adjuncts, but they can also distract from the real task at hand. Such practices require knowledge … tools work much better in the hands of a craftsman. No, I’m not alluding to a more advanced information base relative to nutrition, and lifestyle. Information shouldn’t be confused with knowledge.

The word knowledge is derived from the Sanskrit word jina, which means to know. Knowing demands a 180-degree shift in perception. We mistake our world of effects as a singular reality … this would be akin to mistaking the ripples upon the surface, as the ocean itself. A lesson in physics is unavoidable if we wish to proceed.

Consciousness is the progenitor of thought, an electrical event. Electricity, by necessity must polarize into two mirror images, or soul mates if you will. Tension occurs as they reluctantly divide, to become the vibration that registers through our sensory apparatus. This story has a happy ending, however, as their paths bend back toward each other … Yin and Yang will reunite at a designated point when they have completed a perfect sphere. Spheres mate and duplicate to the far reaches of the Universe … a unified web animated by its creator. An understanding of geometric forms as Nature’s canvas would be helpful, but we’ll go there on another day.

An electrician would recognize the rendezvous destination of our star-crossed couple, as the anode. At the anode these two forces reunite, do an about face and arrive at the opposite ends of a common cathode. Visualize a cone … electricity comes together at the apex, and separates at the base, back and forth. Repetitive journeys are simultaneous, so now imagine two superimposed cones with an apex and base at each end … a perpetual wave.

The apex represents yang compression of energy, which our senses believe to be matter … opposing yin decompresses to diffuse substance, like steam rising from water. Apex and base are a larger phase of a frame-by-frame production of both yin and yang. In Chinese medicine we refer to this as the yin within the yang and visa versa.


So what’s the relevance to Longevity? Man’s capacity for thought is unique on this plane … prima facie evidence that we are here to create. You now understand the mechanics of matter, albeit at a cursory level … maximally compressed energy initiated by thought … your thought. Do your thought processes reflect what you’ve been taught, or do you dare think for yourself?.

A free mindset favors the natural order … it passionately embraces Life. Ideas will reflect the wisdom of universal design, and out-picture its perfection in body and experience. No matter what you take or do, understanding is the catalyst. Alfa Vedic formulates according to archetypes instead of molecules to encourage the realignment process. Longevity becomes a given, because time is only perception after all. You know you are here until your purpose is fulfilled.

Dr. Barre

The quality, not the longevity, of one’s life is what is important.
~ Martin Luther King Jr.


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