I’ve been a conspiracy buff for most of my life … it’s not so much a penchant for the unconventional, as it is my incredulity with the concept of co-incidence. I don’t know about you, but when things occur in my world it’s connected to something that I made happen … consciously, or otherwise!

The Universe has a plan, and we’re co-conspirators … creators if you will. I believe in Intelligence, not random events besting infinitesimal odds. I share these beliefs with an exceptional group of pedigreed thinkers … Plato, Bacon and Steiner for starters. Naturalists from every culture have always observed The Plan. The more one unplugs the more apparent it becomes.

Everything is a conspiracy … that’s my point. The only distinction being that greed conspires in secret, while Nature does so in plain site. While many are trying to wrap their minds around the fact that we’ve been punked at every turn, the most significant conspiracy of the secretive genre is that of science. Conventional science has become a loosely bantered concept with little resemblance to the real thing. More tragic, it is the lynchpin that keeps all scams operative.

The scientific community resides exclusively in the world of effect. Prevailing theories suggesting root cause are similarly machinations of outer maya. We’ll necessarily discuss the work of Walter Russell … a bunch. He laid out the true nature of our universe … omnipresent intelligence rendered to electrical vibrations detected by the senses, which are effect as well. Rudolph Steiner explained how humans actually possess twelve senses … we presently operate within a limited bandwidth of five. Technology is a mere extension of the same … fun stuff, same rabbit hole.

Periodically, I’ll introduce blog-sized bytes to build upon concepts that would otherwise be difficult to grasp. It’s not so much the intellect that is challenged from a sudden exposure to the breadth of pure truth … the problem lies squarely in our feelings. Social conditioning runs silent and deep, and emotions are the gatekeepers.

New concepts that would otherwise be accessible to an intellect of reasonable acuity create confusion. Why? Emotional reaction supplants logic when information is incongruous with prior entrainment. It’s called cognitive dissonance, the one science social engineers have down pat. Social standing and monetary reward are the perks of conformity, and fear provides the whip to keep us in toe. Steiner admonished the present as a war waged on the mental plane … your mind is the prize.

Authentic science would reconcile our present conflict between heart and mind. The heart is our true center of intelligence … it is neurologically more complex, with the capacity for reason beyond the strata of mental cognition. The two are meant to work in seamless tandem, and science has purposely achieved an insurmountable chasm for the programmed mind. Divide and conquer … sound familiar?

It’s an inside job, and it requires routine respite from the chatter of mind. The Great Ones of all time were unanimous in this perspective … Know Thyself. Walter Russell demonstrated the two-way mechanics of creation that allow perpetual regeneration of body and ecosystem. Present academics and technology are a one-way destructive affair. Disease, war and environmental suicide have become the accepted norm. Re-education begins by asking relevant questions beginning with cui bono? Who benefits from keeping the populace in lack and despair?

The mind is a computer … garbage in, garbage out. Proper software is required for enhanced function, and that is where Russellian Science comes in. An illumined intellect becomes a superconductor for the heart and soul. This is the dark secret that sends shudders through the corridors of usurped power.

Future posts will decipher this grand simulation, one piece at a time. We’ll embed components within the context of medicine, fitness/nutrition and world events to make them both relevant and practical. Things just work better with the realization that we are the actor, director and editor of our own movie.

There is one final component in the process … responsibility. The journey requires imagining larger than self. We are endowed with unlimited creative potential at our personal coordinate within consciousness. At risk of sounding trite, the world will change when you do.

People want to believe that God has a plan for their life …
they just don’t want to believe someone else does.
~Percy, Division

Dr. Barre Paul Lando



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