The AV Herbal Collective



It was 2005 when we began growing medicinal herbs at our commercial nursery on the ‘Lost Coast’ of Northern California. It was fabulously successful, and within the first two seasons we were enjoying the vitality of biodynamically-grown herbs sans the downsides of Asian imports. As long-time farmers with years of involvement in integrative medicine ‘growing our own’ was a no-brainer, but we had a larger vision in mind.

The health of a population is dependent on local, ethical agriculture. We are now enjoying a demonstrable push back to corporate centralized farming, and the reliance on foreign imports that have decimated our health, habitat and economy. Small organic farms are beginning to dot the landscape, but we need more. The cultivation of high quality medicinal herbs is especially deficient; the AV Herbal Collective is our response to this need.

We left the Mattole River and our mature growing grounds with much reluctance in the summer of 2016, but we had a bigger destiny. Our present site on the remote south fork of the Smith River on the California-Oregon border will sustain more agriculture amidst absolutely pristine surroundings. The AV Herbal Collective is an alliance of independent growers of organic medicinal herbs. The collective networks people with a common purpose to encourage the return of conscious farming with integrity.


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