Not dissimilar to most aging jocks my body speaks to me in ways that I’d prefer to ignore. Decades of full contact sports seemed like a good idea at the time, but in hindsight … not so much. But what about the majority of normal golden agers who practiced superior discernment by avoiding unnecessary collisions, and still live with aching joints?

Let’s take a brief hiatus from our ongoing CANCER IS A WORD series, but drive similar talking points home within a different disease context. So far we’ve contrasted the individualized clinical protocols central to functional medicine, with the increasingly restrictive institutionalized approach. The larger pretext is this; to name a condition offers little practical value for retracing toward health.

Arthritis, no different than cancer, is merely a word. It may prove useful to look at this word from an etymological slant. The root is, arthro, which designates the anatomical joints, whereas the suffix, itis, means inflammation of. Do your ailing joints that prompted a visit to the doctor feel any better by restating the obvious in Latin? Yea, I know, you’ll get a bonus prescription for anti-inflammatory drugs. Good luck with that!

Medical terms impress the subconscious that malevolent forces within nature do indeed exist. Such beliefs predispose a victim mentality that will be hard-pressed to mobilize innate healing forces, let alone understand the powerful options accessible to the better informed. More tragic again is the missed opportunity for a systemic reset of mind and body.

Homo sapiens are blessed upon this plane, as we possess a consciousness capable of self-directed biology for the purpose of rapid soul expansion. Future posts will elaborate upon the electrical universe concept, and humanity’s juxtaposition as co-creators within it. We do, in fact, have much more to say about things than what we are programmed to believe.

It is more than curious that many disease descriptions within pathology texts have been categorized as unknown etiology. This, of course, is a euphemism for we don’t have a clue about what causes this stuff! Health issues are otherwise assigned to theories whimsically built upon a genetic, microbial or just-getting-old platform, with no resemblance to evidenced based medicine.

Here’s the question begging to be asked; how on earth can treatment be rendered, with no working knowledge of how or why a syndrome of symptoms occurred in the first place? Drugs and frivolous surgeries can only override normal physiology to suppress the severity of symptoms. It’s the old band-aid over the dashboard warning-light scenario. The psyche may derive a temporary anti-angst boost if oblivious to that aggravating low-oil indicator, but eventually you’re going down. Mother Nature wasn’t born yesterday.

Now we’ll look at arthritis through a different lens to see what functional medicine is all about. We’ll confine our discussion to osteoarthritis (wear and tear arthritis), but the same principles apply to all conditions. Autoimmune factors are more idiosyncratic of so-called rheumatoid arthritis, but it is not a disease distinct from osteoarthritis. Different bodies respond to similar stress factors relative to inherent vulnerabilities and history. The manner in which symptoms display is an indictment of one’s constitutional leanings, not a disease.

A thorough scrutiny of the affected joint(s) is a logical commencement point in the terrain medicine approach to arthritis for a number of reasons. Each of the purported 360 joints within the human body is a singular component of an interdependent, closed-chain system of ambulation that would do a Swiss watchmaker proud. Every joint capsule is an orchestral arrangement of muscles acting as prime movers and stabilizers. Muscles do much more than just move things and look pretty, however.

Chinese medicine is based upon proven techniques designed to manipulate the neuro-meridian interface. The 12 primary acupuncture channels are defined muscular regions, and associated connective tissues that play conduit for energy transmission. Additionally, every muscle division shares a larger electrical network common to a particular organ system. Muscles, therefore, offer diagnostic insight to both structural and internal issues.

The neuro-muscular system is a binary affair, in that muscles are either on-line, or off-line. This on-off mechanism is necessary for normal movement, but deficient muscles also reveal a protective circuit-breaker design that any savvy electrician would appreciate. If the adrenal glands, for example, are subjected to an inordinate level of stress, muscles sharing the adrenal network are switched off to assure the first in queue position of a vital organ to receive necessary sustenance.

Compromised joint biomechanics subsequent to off-line muscles is the primary provocateur of damage to cartilage and supportive tissues. Clinical Kinesiology is the best tool for ferreting out inactive muscles, while determining the deeper issues in need of assistance. Osteopathy, acupuncture, nutrition, herbology, homeopathy etc. are just a few of the essential skills required to address underlying dysfunctions. When the body’s hierarchy of needs is satisfied, muscles return to a normal on-line status, as the first step toward joint rehabilitation.

Joint capsules are also favored depositories for toxic debris that exceed normal elimination capabilities. These irritants greatly amplify joint inflammation, but it doesn’t stop there. The liver is similarly affected by the same cumulative burden, with predictable congestion and reduced function. Any Chinese Medicine practitioner will talk your ear off about the impossibility of chronic stiffness and pain in the absence of liver involvement.

Our bodies are presently under a purposefully directed kitchen-sink assault from every direction. Ubiquitous chemical, electromagnetic and emotional stressors own sole culpability for today’s pandemic occurrence of adrenal exhaustion. Courageous scientists, researchers and general truth-seekers are all too familiar with the who, why and how lurking behind the implementation of a very real and sinister agenda. It has become so blatantly transparent that even the most ardent of conspiracy deniers are beginning to notice the uncloaking of the Klingon ship just off the near horizon.

Robust health and immunity run parallel to happy adrenals, an unfortunate rarity in today’s gauntlet sold to us as normal life. More pertinent to this chat is a group of adrenal secretions called adreno-cortico-steroids, our naturally occurring anti-inflammatory compounds. If the adrenal hormone levels of a 20 year old athlete were suddenly reduced to one of 70 decades, he’d have the same spring in his step by morning as a geriatric.

We’ve omitted a critical component in the etiology of arthritis, as it deserves the entirety of several dedicated posts. The factors that distinguish man from animal are many, but one is of particular note. Beyond the instinctual programming of lower animals, the human body duals as a clearing house for the psyche.

Events with an emotional charge of sufficient intensity stimulate a specific region of the brain. That cerebral center will then trigger a pre-programmed response in the precise area of the body under its direction. Such an expression alleviates compressive forces that go largely unnoticed in the average individual. Resultant symptoms bear false witness to an archaic notion of disease, and arthritis is a casualty of that same confusion.

Thousands of CAT scans have vetted this phenomenon, and those schooled in New German Medicine are availed a degree of clinical artistry far beyond the limits of allopathy. Symptoms are the biological gesturing of what troubles the soul, and this realization will initiate a long-suppressed medical renaissance. Arthritis treatment framed within this context is mandatory for those seeking a genuine resolution.

By way of review, let’s take a Cliff Notes glimpse at what a comprehensive arthritis intervention strategy should minimally include:

1) Identify extent of damage to cartilage, ligaments and supporting structures.
2) Isolate and treat dysfunctional muscle divisions.
3) Diagnose and treat macro-level cranial-spinal distortions.
4) Address and treat existing impediments in the connective tissue matrix.

1) Prioritize underlying internal issues complicit in deficient muscle function.
2) Meridian and auricular therapy, craniopathy, visceral manipulation, organ reflex zones etc.

1) Open drainage channels specific to individual bio-terrain impediments.
2) General cleansing ie. heavy metal chelation, liver-gallbladder flush, fasting etc.
3) Spagyricism, herbology, homeopathy, cytokine therapy etc.

1) Plant-based stem cell therapy, spagyricism, herbology, homeopathy, cytokine therapy etc.
2) Pulsed Electromagnetic Frequency technologies (PEMF).
3) Intra-joint capsule ozone injections (Prolozone).
4) Evaluate dietary and lifestyle practices.
5) Qigong, yoga and resistance exercises.

1) Address interplay of emotional stressors via NGM, Enneagram and identification of miasmic influences.

Every point of articulation within the skeletal system is a living ecology. Osteoblasts, osteoclasts and chondrocytes are the cellular inhabitants within these spaces. They dutifully remodel bone and cartilage moment-by-moment to counter the forces placed upon them. Astronauts become osteoporotic when subjected to zero-gravity in a mere two weeks. The skeletal structure represents our energy field at its highest state of compression. It is here that the energetic entrainments of our personal world become apparent to the outer senses. An appreciation for its loyal service will go a lot further than a condemnatory diagnosis.

So the next time your body speaks to you in ways you’d prefer to ignore, listen. You now have a choice, take care of business, or put it off. As always, it’s up to you.

Dr. Barre Paul Lando

My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge. ~ The Nazarene

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