Try to imagine a world whose inhabitants never had or expressed a single idea … ever. Now tell me what the planet would look like if this unlikely scenario were true. No architecture, no technology, no productivity, no creativity … barren!

Now enter science at its present historical zenith. Why our conviction that this is so? We have smart phones, of course! So how did we arrive at our present destination? The big bang, that’s how. Coincidence, and … well, stuff happens … right!?

The teachings of the Vedics tell us that knowledge is an inside job, but they didn’t stop there. The very nature of thought was understood, as an electrical step-down of Intelligence. The Pythagoreans lent further geometric detail, Taoists practiced it, and Viktor Schauberger gave us a refresher course. Who/What is this Intelligence then … that’s a solitary assignment for each and every one.

Intelligence or Consciousness … just is. That shouldn’t stretch your imagination any more than the Universe just happened. Consciousness produces thought … an electrical event. Electricity divides itself into two equal, but opposing forces … seemingly. The Taoists termed this Yin and Yang, and Nature dictates they operate in perfect balance.

Later we’ll devote discussion to the role of geometry, or 3-dimensional math, in bending opposing polarities into spheres. Spheres mate, and reproduce heavenly bodies to microscopic critters … anodes, cathodes and equators could explain more … be patient, we’ll get there together.

Balance produces spheres, while anything less skews curvature favoring one side or the other. Unequal pressure points ensue, and we give birth to what ails us. Scientists have obfuscated, while theologians have mystified what, otherwise, would be intuitively obvious. Here’s the point … between the polarities is ground zero. That’s where you’ll find answers … it’s where the true Self resides.

We are taught sensory-perceived effects of the unseen to be real, but the primal force itself to be suspect. As our thoughts and intentions are put on electrical display we further attach moralistic and political perspective to Nature’s mirror imaging … more distraction. The scientific method is controlled, compartmentalized and funded by multi-national corporations … armies enforce their will. Go figure!

At Alfa Vedic we think it’s time to do better, and that’s what we do. We formulate with the larger patterns in mind … nutrient sources that most strongly convey original archetypes re-educate body and mind. Be still, seek within … you’ll know when you’re there.

Dr. Barre

Natural science, does not simply describe and explain nature; it is part of the interplay between nature and ourselves. ~ Werner Heisenberg

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