Zero Point No. 7 – Transdermal Magnesium Spray – 1oz


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The future of supplementation is here now. ZP formulations begin within a Humic-Fulvic predigested plant-derived mineral base, known as Shilajit in Ayurvedic Medicine. Each formula is Transitional Element activated, and further refined for a specificity of action with the addition of ionic minerals, vitamins, enzymes and co-factors in a liquid format for rapid assimilation.

Zero Point No. 7 is a convenient & amazingly effective spray of pure Oil of Magnesium for issues of insomnia, stress, muscle soreness or general Magnesium supplementation.

  • Fulvic Transdermal Transport
  • Increased Uptake & Assimilation
  • Reduce Insomnia
  • Soothing & Relaxing
  • Balance pH
  • Strengthen Bones
  • Enhanced Immune Function



‘Shilajit (Humic/Fulvic), the premier Ayurvedic vitality tonic, provides the nutritional core of predigested minerals, enzymes & co-factors for Alfa Vedic’s Zero Point Liquid Solutions. Harvested from ancient forest beds in pristine locations above 7,000 feet … nothing less will do.

Pure Salt of Magnesium Within A Proprietary Fulvic Base For Rapid Absorption & Uptake






‘Transitional Elements’ represent the pre-metalic phase of mineral substances within the Natural Order. These miracle wonders nurture the innate super-conductive (Zero Point) design of the human nervous system, while elevating the action & energetics of companion nutirients & co-factors within these truly revolutionary formulas.

I met with David Hudson in the 90’s shortly after his discovery of ORME, or Orbitally Rearranged Monatomic Elements, as he then coined the term … I’ve been researching and developing technologies to concentrate and harvest these ‘transitional state’ minerals ever since.

Our Zero Point Liquid Solutions are the ‘missing link’ between conventional supplementation and the future. The effects of these formulas are unmistakable and immediate … a characteristic universally observed within my private client base.>


~Dr. Barre


Bottle Size: 1 OZ
Servings: 200

Humic and Fulvic Acids provide a 100% bioavailable micro/macro mineral-nutrient base for Alfa Vedic Zero Point formulas. These organic, all-natural substances , which contain up to 83 trace elements and amino acids, emanate from pristine, ancient forests, compacted and transformed over millions of years. Humic acid is the basis of Shilajit, the premier tonic of Ayurvedic medicine in use for centuries.

Fulvic Acid has the additional capacity to reduce nutritional and mineral elements to an ionic state for ease of assimilation across cell membranes. The small molecular size of Fulvic that accounts for this efficient transport also renders it useful in the removal of harmful substances, such as heavy metals, from the cellular matrix.

The Fulvic/Humic Acids in Alfa Vedic Zero Point formulas are derived from the purest deposits of high-quality humate from an ancient fresh water lake deposit at a 7,200 foot elevation remote from urbanized pollution, or agriculture. The humates are processed only with Rocky Mountain snow-melt water free of chemicals, or contaminants. Our sources provide full certification and documentation of proper methodologies and protocols to ensure that Alfa Vedic products are safe and of the highest quality.

A Superconductor transmits electricity resistance-free in a self-renewing loop … the human body is designed as such. Platinum Group Transitional Elements are rare minerals in a higher energy state with the capacity to nurture these natural attributes. Alfa Vedic’s Zero Point formulas target this inherent trait.

Within the overall Alfa Vedic system the Zero Point formulas occupy the Metal element, the mid-point between Earth and Water. Metal is a catalyst for the possibility of life on this planet. The Zero Point formulas provide similar transmutative effects for the human body.