Thermo No. 5 – Green Tea Floral


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Guilt-free caffeine with spectacular taste, and the vitalizing effects of medicinal herbs. Designed for use in a traditional hot blend with coconut oil. It is habit-forming, however.

Thermo Infusion No.5 – Green Tea Floral™ has gained immediate favor amidst the AV faithful. The delicate aromatic qualities of high mountain Green Tea infused with midsummer Jasmine blossoms is nuanced with Albizziza Flowers from ‘The Tree of Happiness’. A most delightful treat for those special moments requiring a profound and uplifting calm.

• Albizzia, “The Tree of Happiness”
• Uplifting, Calming & Tonifying
• Stimulates Serotonin Production
• Increased Cognition & Focus
• Improved Immunity & Circulation
• Longevity Promoting Antioxidants
• Unsurpassed taste & Aroma

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We can’t decide what we like most about this tea time marvel, its exquisite aromatic taste, or unmistakable soothing effects to psyche & soul. Organic high mountain Green Tea infused with midsummer Jasmine blossoms, artfully blended with Albizzia Flowers from ‘The Tree of Happiness’.


Caffeine triggers a metabolic readjustment, a reset. Adaptogenic Herbs balance the caffeine effects, while coconut oil sustains its action. The perfect buzz … with healthy consequences.


High Mountain Organic Green Tea Infused with Midsummer Jasmine Blossoms & Albizzia Flowers from ‘The Tree of Happiness’





“I was first made aware of the traditional Tibetan practice of drinking daily yak butter tea, while I was studying Asian Medicine in Naturopathic College. Back then we’d use raw butter blended with hot coffee or tea … delicious. Today, I prefer pure coconut oil as the healthiest, best-tasting choice for Thermo Infusions.

One of my favorite personal practices is to confine daily food consumption within a several hour window … the sustaining effects of these infusion-oil blends keeps the appetite satiated, and blood sugar steady. Peak health is elusive when the digestive system is under a constant workload.”


~Dr. Barre Paul Lando


Bag Size: 114G / 4 OZ
Servings: 30

Our Infusion technology is designed for use in similar fashion to the Tibetan dietary custom of beginning each day with a tea boiled with raw butter. As an imbedded cultural practice it is recognized as essential to withstand the rigors of a harsh Himalayan climate, and lifestyle.

The caffeine-essential fats combination sustains energy and blood sugar, while eliminating “caffeine jitters”, but the addition of medicinal herbs takes it to a whole new level. With the current availability of pure unprocessed coconut oil, or butter from grass-fed cattle, and the versatility of the Alfa Vedic Thermo Infusions you have the same convenience as making any cup of tea or coffee.

Put a tablespoon or two of any of our blends in hot water, let steep several minutes, throw it in your personal blender with a dollop of coconut oil and sweetener, and whip it to a frothy consistency that would do any barista proud. You won’t believe the taste, and we promise you … you’ll never go back to common coffee or tea again!


Organic Highlands Green Tea – In addition to its thermogenic properties green tea has long been prized for its micro-nutrient profiles, and high antioxidant levels known as polyphenols. Other benefits include repair of coronary artery dysfunctions, cholesterol normalization and a positive effect on digestive disorders.

Albizzia Flowers – Albizzia owns a prominent place in the Chinese Materia Medica for its antidepressant effects by inducing a calm to deal with stress, worry and grief. Among its many benefits are the alleviation of insomnia, improved circulation and immunity, anti-inflammatory effects, reduced signs of aging, digestive support, and the prevention of respiratory distress.

Jasmine Blossoms – Jasmine Blossoms picked in midsummer for peak aromatics and upliftment.