Thermo No. 2 – Guayusa Mobilize Chi™


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Guilt-free caffeine with spectacular taste, and the vitalizing effects of medicinal herbs. Designed for use in a traditional hot blend with coconut oil. It is habit-forming, however.

Jiao Gu Lan has been termed “Southern Ginseng” for its adaptogenic qualities similar to Ginseng, but considered superior. In tandem with the thermogenic properties of nutrient-rich Guayusa this blend mobilizes energy (chi) reserves, while simultaneously replenishing them. Prepare it with coconut oil as a deliciously hot, frothy beverage, and your disposition and energy will take you wherever you need to go.

• Organic Guayusa, “The Preferred Maté”
• Jiao Gu Lan “The Herb Of Immortality”
• Alfa Vedic Gardens Biodynamically Grown
• Clarity of Mind & Focus
• No Caffeine Jitters or Burnout
• Promote Efficient Fat Burning/Loss
• Deliciously Nurturing



RUNA is our supplier for Guayusa, a Yerba Maté cousin with better taste, and a cleaner feeling. The people at RUNA are kindred spirits … they harvest side-by-side with the indigenous Ecuadorians, and they give back. We love their eco-friendly business model, and you’ll love their Guayusa!


Caffeine triggers a metabolic readjustment, a reset. Adaptogenic Herbs balance the caffeine effects, while coconut oil sustains its action. The perfect buzz … with healthy consequences.


Organic Guayusa & AV Gardens Homegrown Jiao Gu Lan in the Definitive Thermogenic Blend




“I first used Maté for our Chi Activation infusion, but quickly replaced it with Guayusa after a crash-course on the Ilex genus from our fine friends at Runa. Guayusa shares the same nutrient benefits as Maté, but with a much preferable taste. Its “clean energy” and many attributes have definitely upgraded my original formula. AV Thermo Infusion No.2 is my personal favorite, and I wouldn’t start my day without it.


~Dr. Barre Paul Lando


Bag Size: 114G / 4 OZ
Servings: 15

Our Infusion technology is designed for use in similar fashion to the Tibetan dietary custom of beginning each day with a tea boiled with raw butter. As an imbedded cultural practice it is recognized as essential to withstand the rigors of a harsh Himalayan climate, and lifestyle.

The caffeine-essential fats combination sustains energy and blood sugar, while eliminating “caffeine jitters”, but the addition of medicinal herbs takes it to a whole new level. With the current availability of pure unprocessed coconut oil, or butter from grass-fed cattle, and the versatility of the Alfa Vedic Thermo Infusions you have the same convenience as making any cup of tea or coffee.

Put a tablespoon or two of any of our blends in hot water, let steep several minutes, throw it in your personal blender with a dollop of coconut oil and sweetener, and whip it to a frothy consistency that would do any barista proud. You won’t believe the taste, and we promise you … you’ll never go back to common coffee or tea again!



Organic Guayusa – Sourced from Ecuador at the Amazonian-Andes juncture by our friends at Runa whose exclusive relationship with the indigenous Kichwa make this amazing herb available. Guayusa is a cousin of Yerba Maté, possessing similar nutrient and adaptogenic benefits, but without the bitter taste of maté.

Biodynamically Grown Jiao Gu Lan – Known as “Immortality Tea” and “Southern Ginseng” in the Guizhou Province, whose inhabitants reputedly enjoy unusual longevity from drinking Jiaogulan tea daily. Our Jiao Gu Lan is grown at AV Botanical Gardens on the rich river banks of the Smith River, groomed on biodynamic microorganism-nutrient brews from our Vortex Brewer, and, of course, lots of love.