Immortality Tea No. 2 – Ginger Turmeric


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Our Immortality Teas feature fresh Jiao Gu Lan biodynamically grown right here at AV Botanical Gardens, with select organic herbs for unsurpassed aroma, taste & function. In Southern China there’s a saying … “drink Jiao Gu Lan daily, and live to 100”.

Immortalty Tea No.2 – Ginger Tumeric adds the incredible attributes of Jiao Gu Lan to an Ayurvedic blend of Tumeric, Ginger & Licorice Roots, with Lemongrass and pure Essential Oils of Lemon & Orange for a deliciously complex Longevity tonic.

• Biodynamically Grown Jiao Gu Lan
• The Renown Herb of Immortality
• “Just Like Ginseng, Only Better”
• Cardiovascular & Immune Building
• Organic Ginger, Tumeric & Licorice Roots
• Delicious Lemongrass, Lemon & Orange Peel
• Digestive & Anti-Inflammatory Support




Jiao Gu Lan, the ‘Herb of Immortality’ is the signature crop here at AV Botanical Gardens for good reason. If you were pressed to select a single daily herb to best impact long-term health, it should be this one. That’s why we grow it.


AV Grown Jiao Gu Lan, Tumeric, Ginger, Licorice, Lemongrass & Pure Orange & Lemon Oils In A Traditional Ayurvedic Longevity Blend






We strongly believe homegrown herbs to be vastly superior. Imports from afar lack necessary controls, and those of us in the business can attest to their declining quality. A healthy agricultural base is built upon an abundance of small local farms. That’s what AV Botanical Gardens is about.

“Jiao Gu Lan Tea has been a personal favorite of mine for many years. Like most people, I purchased the most popular Thailand grown variety over the internet. Several years ago I was able to get my hands on some Jiao Gu Lan seeds, and gave them a try in my greenhouse. I planted them in early summer on an old tomato trellis in the orchard, and they seemed to love summer on our river bank property.

I assumed this tropically grown plant wouldn’t survive our winter, but I was pleasantly surprised. After spring weeding it sprang back up, and multiplied with a vengeance. Passionate about the prospect of a homegrown version of this wonderful herb, I wasted no time contructing my first exclusive Jiao Gu Lan bamboo trellis system.

I’ve expanded production areas in the AV Gardens every year since, and it’s become our signature crop. The taste and vitality of our freshly-picked, biodynamically grown Jiao Gu Lan has spoiled my taste forever for anything else. I never miss my morning tea, and I find myself instinctively chewing on the sweet leaves whenever I’m working in the gardens.

It takes a good-sized area to produce enough dry leaves to make any great quantity of tea available to outside consumers, but it will be available to the Alfa Vedic faithful in limited quantities. I’ve been approached by other retailers with offers to pre-purchase our entire crops, but we’re keeping it all for ourselves … and you, of course!”


~Dr. Barre Paul Lando


Bag Size: 4 oz / 114 grams
Servings: 30


Stunning beauty, solitude and pristine, emerald-green waters are the hallmark of the Smith River on the northwest corner of California. It’s not by chance this wildlife sanctuary has become the home of Alfa Vedic Gardens. Far from power lines and cell towers, Nature’s rhythms demand respect, but lavishly nurture those able to attune and listen.

As tillers of the land, it’s all about the water. The Smith River, unmarred by
commercial agricultural and development remains wild and dam-free. Fed from pure bedrock at the confluence of numerous rivers, creeks, springs and three mountain ranges it is designated as one of the cleanest rivers in NorthAmerica.

Nestled amidst mammoth redwood and conifer, our gardens begin and end with wild huckleberry, ladyslipper orchids and lilies under the adjacent forest canopy. Humans are by far the minority species, while river otter and bear still feast on winter salmon, steelhead and cutthroat trout in the deep, crystalline pools of summer.

It is here that we grow food, cultivate herbs and wildcraft endless variants of mushroom and medicinals from our surroundings. We feel blessed to share this with you.


Alfa Vedic Gardens Jiao Gu Lan – The revered “Tea of Immortality” is preferred by Asian cultures for its pleasant taste as a daily tea, and its longevity inducing qualities “similar to Ginseng, only better”. We grow our Jiao Gu Lan biodynamically with vortex-brewed organic fertilizer teas rich in micro-nutrients and microorganisms to further enhance the inherent adaptogenic traits of this herb.

Organic Ginger Root – Ginger is considered as a virtual medical pharmacy for its many health inducing qualities, and wealth of nutrients and bioactive compounds. It has shown great promise in the treatment of ovarian and colon cancer, while other known effects include systemic detoxification, relief from gas, diarrhea, nausea, heartburn, anti-inflammatory action, libido enhancement and cold-flu support.

Organic Tumeric Root – Turmeric contains bioactive compounds with powerful medicinal properties. Curcumin, the core active ingredient in turmeric has powerful anti-inflammatory and antioxidant effects, stimulates Brain-Derived Neurotrophic Factor for improved cognition and Alzheimer’s prevention, lowers the incidence of heart disease, anticarcinogenic, antidepressive and mitigates the effects of aging.

Organic Licorice Root – Licorice has long been used as a traditional treatment for gastric issues, lung ailments, detoxification, weight reduction, relief from menstrual cramps, cardiovascular support, arthritis, liver protection, immunity-boosting and used generally for longevity and vitality since ancient times.

Aromatic & Functional Enhancements
Organic Lemongrass, organic Orange Peel, organic Lemon Peel, essential oils of Orange and Lemon.