I initially intended to title this post Healing, but decided Parenting to be more à propos. Any meaningful correlation between the two possible headings may require a bit of context, so bear with me for a moment.

My early training included a thorough immersion in classical German Bio-Terrain Medicine. European physicians in the 1970’s enjoyed the freedom to explore a more eclectic curriculum than their North American colleagues … not so much anymore. Terrain medicine discerns through the forensic lens of old world wisdom, while availing itself to a wide array of medical modalities relevant to contemporary culture.

The concept of the biological terrain has firm roots in the work of renowned French biologist, Antoine Béchamp. A topic for a different post, but all can be summarized in Lois Pasteur’s later life lamentation that I was wrong, the germ is nothing … the milieu is everything. In other words, illness results from tissue imbalance, while microbes are after-effects … engineered bio-weapons notwithstanding.

An integral tool for the bio-terrain specialist is the darkfield microscope. Although simple in design, elements within live blood samples can be imaged in ways not possible through conventional microscopy. The technology has morphed from the original work of Günther Enderlein, to the advancements of Royal Rife, and Gaston Naessens.

Here is where all of this is going. As I examine a single drop of blood through darkfield optics an entire universe no less vast than the nighttime sky is immediately apparent. The average human body contains some 70 trillion cells, with countless processes occurring within each of these self-contained worlds every moment.

Experiments in medical physiology reveal a moment-by-moment awareness of each cell to every process within every other cell. Cells are sentient, intelligent life forms, and we are the god of their universe. Every thought and feeling we entertain reverberates through the entire cellular matrix.

Now, imagine if a parent were oblivious to the existence of his/her child abiding within the same household. Furthermore, the child was psychologically assaulted every waking hour with anxieties, frustrations, and chemical abuse of every manner. It doesn’t stop there … what if a parent had no understanding of their influential role on the health and development of the child?

Should it surprise us that the cells of the average body are in a state of confusion and rebellion? An experienced terrain practitioner can tell more about the affairs of your internal household in one glance compared to all of the medical theories combined.

Illness is biofeedback, pure and simple. Similar to a child, just a quick acknowledgment or loving gesture goes a long way. It’s not about fault or failure either; both are as irrelevant as they are counterproductive. Healing is no different than good parenting. Learning is a two-way affair, and while symptoms scream the needs of the body, a wise parent provides equal measure of love and directive.

Growing the awareness of health as a reflection of self is a lifetime of cultivation. Good medicine supports this process, and steady progress, not perfection, is the key. Healing is from within, and practitioners and remedies are only able to guide the process. Ignorance is the only impediment to extending the same parenting skills to our own body, as we do our children. Be kind and wise, not too strict nor indulgent … be appreciative and love unconditionally, but set boundaries. You have more say about what goes on under your roof than you think!

Dr. Barre

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