You’ve been patient, but the wait is over. When we announced our intention to take Alfa Vedic formulations public we promised not to compromise … no retail outlets, or ingredient alterations to increase point breaks. The Alfa Vedic Zero Point line-up initiated our launch … Transitional Element-activated liquid solutions for advanced nutrition. AV Thermo Infusions followed with traditional whole herb pharmacoepia, and a twist of genius … delicious hot beverages to begin and sustain your day.

Now meet Alfa Vedic’s Macro Intensity group in 4 distinct formulas … powdered blends so delicious you can eat by the spoonful, add to blender drinks or sprinkle on food. So what exactly are they?

• Each Paleo Vegan blend begins with our proprietary fruit seed protein from cranberry seeds, blueberry seeds, grape seeds and black cumin seeds in a base of organic hemp hearts. No inexpensive pea or grain proteins here! You’ll find the grams per serving of protein will rival any conventional whey source or otherwise with superior digestibility, and nutrient density.

• 4 Macro Intensity formulas: No.1 Herbal Regeneration/Cinnamon-Vanilla, No.2 Ultimate Pollen/Lemongrass, No.3 Power Mushrooms/Black Cherry, No.4 Life Force Protein/pure proprietary seed blend.

• Each Blend is further enhanced with Klamath Lake whole Blue Green Algae, Klamath Lake Blue Green Algae PEA/Phyocyanin concentrate, or cracked-wall Chlorella.

Homeopathic Cell Salts – anyone versed with a contemporary understanding of homeopathy knows it to be a delivery system for informational fields … think software. Each serving contains just the right amount of all twelve Schuessler Cell Salts to direct the nutrition to where it is needed most.

True to all Alfa Vedic creations, the Macro Intensity line earns the Smart Nutrition distinction, but it doesn’t stop there. Each flavor delivers much more than taste. We dry pure essential oils with organic low-glycemic Coconut Crystals for both unparalleled taste and the incredible energetics of select organic essential oils … and for those who prefer our unique protein seed blend with no functional enhancements or flavor, our No.4 Life Force Protein is the perfect choice.

Each bag is the end product of a methodical, and sequential process that takes time, and people committed to raising the industry bar for your sake. The ingredients in these innovative creations are approximately 90% organic, with the remainder from wildcrafted or trusted sources that exceed any possible certification process.

Would you expect to find designer clothing on the rack at Walmart? Of course not … that’s why you won’t find us in health food stores. The Alfa Vedic Macro Intensity line is now available … direct from

Dr. Barre Paul Lando

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