We’d like you to meet one of our trusted partners. The next best thing to growing things your self is to know the people that do. RUNA is our connection for organic Guayusa. This herbal treasure is a close cousin of Yerba Maté … most people never go back to Maté after a Guayusa experience. The quality of taste and energizing effects are always preferred.

RUNA is the pioneering force behind the introduction of Guayusa stateside. Alfa Vedic’s Thermo Infusion No.2 is a traditional Chi tonic built around this Ecuadorian herb.

When I was in Naturopathic College back in the 70’s, I was made aware of the Tibetan practice of blending raw butter, with a caffeinated tea source. I experimented with the concept, and loved it … a healthy metabolic reset, with sustained energy and no jitters. Now add 3 Chinese Medicine strategies to core thermogenic herbs for 3 distinct formulas ready to combine with coconut oil or raw butter. Delicious, but … habit forming!

RUNA makes our TI No.2 – Guayusa formula possible, and equally important, they’re kindred spirits in the larger cause. At Alfa Vedic our bottom line is congruous with the larger changes we want to see … if business doesn’t benefit the world around us, what’s the point? Quite a departure from the present commercial system, but real prosperity means win-win. Runa exemplifies this in both philosophy and practice.

First off, we couldn’t contemplate life without Guayusa, but RUNA touches lives in other ways … many lives. They’ve coalesced efforts with the indigenous Kichwa people of Ecuador in a perfect symbiosis of ecology, people and commerce.

The native inhabitants of the Amazonian basin have long favored the powerful benefits of this herb that is only now becoming known to the outside world through the efforts of RUNA. Kichwa farmers adhere to traditional cultivation with a light footprint, and regard their sustainable techniques as intuitively obvious.

The RUNA-Kichwa alliance brings a wonderful herb to market, while business mimics nature. Sustained production is assured, ecology is honored and the self-sufficiency of local farming makes it possible for the Kichwa to preserve their native culture and way of life.

The founders of RUNA live amongst these people, and know them. It’s personal, the way business should be.

Dr. Barre Paul Lando


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