I may have gotten a bit ahead of myself with the August 13 post. It was fashioned as a call to arms, if you will, but a more intimate introduction to the people behind Alfa Vedic may have been more appropriate.

We’re more accustomed to working with our private clients … health restoration through Bioterrain Medicine, Functional Movement training for athletes seeking an edge and Biodynamic Gardening for the self-reliant. These are some of the things we do and teach, but that particular blog entry marked the phase 1 unveiling of our educational platform, and inimitable creations to buoy body and spirit.

The co-creators of Alfa Vedic are all doers in our respective fields of expertise. We share a common vision, and our chosen vocations are pro-actively directed toward that end. Our pages will introduce you to concepts and authentic science not yet discussed even within alternative circles, let alone applied to individual and ecological health. We invite you to discover the true meaning hidden within the saying As Above, So Below, and what the Taoists termed The Way.

Alfa Vedic products are a grand departure from the retail norm, and we cringe to imagine them available in that venue. Each offering is exquisitely unique in design and function, and we want you to know why they are created as such … it is our hope that the rationale behind each, will lend insight to the greater potentials that await us all.

Alfa Vedic is a family enterprise … in both the biological and chosen sense. Visit our About page to get acquainted with who we are, and why Alfa Vedic was a given. Our Ambassadors are an integral part of the AV family … we’ve grown together for many years, and still share the common passions that connected us in years past. We think you’ll be impressed with who they are, and what Alfa Vedic represents.

We appreciate each and everyone visiting us at, and wish you a most warm welcome.

Dr. Barre Paul Lando

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