On February 1, 2015 I posted the initial entry to the Alfa Vedic Blog. A lot has happened between then and now, both in-house and the world at large. In recent events we’ve witnessed an accelerated microcosm of the last decade, in which our health, finances and very freedoms have been critically compromised… nothing has been spared. A silver lining does exist, but our mettle will be tested in the coming days.

I am a health care professional of some forty years … it’s my vocation. Those of us fortunate enough to align livelihood with life purpose never run short on passion. The imprint of my childhood doctor would become the guiding light of later years, and I became his namesake from birth. Dr. Barre Paul MD was old school … he was hands-on, and healed from the heart. You just felt better walking into his office.

I’m grateful he was spared witnessing the heart-rending degradation of the current techno-pharma orientation of medicine. Diseases almost non-existent in his day are now epidemic, and average life expectancy in the U.S. has plummeted. We can do better.

In my inaugural 02/15 AV Blog I wrote:

Alfa Vedic is a product-driven educational platform grounded in agriculture and science

Knowledge has always been key, but now more than ever. Our mission is to embolden our patrons to make this a pursuit above all else. The word doctor is derived from the Latin docco, which translates to teach. In today’s world, information is the difference between thriving amidst chaos, or succumbing.

Since I began my first nutritional company bearing the location name of our home and farm, the Mattole (River) Valley, people’s needs have changed. We stepped up with the creation of Alfa Vedic. Radiation, chemtrails, GMOs, poisoned aquifers, EMFs and heinous pharmaceuticals are now facts of life. The greatest toxicity of all, however, is fear. We are programmed with disinformation relative to science, world events and the very nature of ourselves from cradle to grave. Alfa Vedic is about truth as solution, and the only possible anecdote to fear.

Alfa Vedic is for the discerning and thoughtful. Truth does not lend itself well to conformity, and here is where the problem lies for many. Standardized education, and television is the proven death knell for the otherwise innate thirst for new information and adventure. Following the advice of experts, and going along to get along has led us to the precipice.

Our pages will introduce you to the works of great luminaries, such as Walter Russell, whose work has too long been suppressed. He and others have laid the foundation for free energy, medicine beyond disease theory, and ecological decontamination. Government cannot do it for us, and they don’t want to … it is our responsibility, and it begins one individual at a time.

Alfa Vedic’s product line adheres to the same unerring patterns governing all natural systems. Our revolutionary smart-nutrition, infusion and transdermal technologies are again creating future trends, but they are designed to meet the demands placed upon our bodies and psyche now. Each product page elucidates the formulation rationale according to these principles to instill a deeper awareness of these same forces working within you.

Look to the pages of for near-future developments; podcasts with special guests, functional movement education for athletes and practitioners, project collaborations with other leading innovators and activists, on-location agricultural workshops, and timely products … already developed, perfected and in queue. All will have a singular point of commonality … to provide the tools we need to join the growing number of people worldwide no longer willing to sit on the sidelines. It’s time we again control our own destiny … don’t you think?

Dr. Barre Paul Lando

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