I like to keep up with the big picture … crazy stuff going on during this time of the great shift. Most people wouldn’t believe the reality of what’s happening even if it bit them, and it is biting them … hard. It’s all perspective, and we each occupy a unique world of our own construction. Let me tell you about my neighborhood.

Neighbor Dan just left … we spent an hour or two talking story in my barn. We resolved world problems, discussed his new trellis system for spring planting, and theorized the best options for pasturing his cow. He dropped off a gallon of his raw milk kefir to swap for a weeks worth of my Jun brew. Eggs come from Jane across the valley in exchange for seed at my wife’s farm supply. Earlier I saw a local kid riding his bike past our gate, hair blowing freely in the wind … no helmet. Imagine that!

Raw milk police, no-license brewing, bicycling sans-helmet … no worries. I’ve even heard rumor that some people out here grow things they say you’re not supposed to. It just doesn’t occur to people living on the land to ask for permission. The sheriff doesn’t make it out here much … way off the beaten path. Too many characters out here to contend with, and he knows we take care of business ourselves anyway. Sure we have issues from time to time … not too long ago I had to yell at someone across the way for shooting his gun in the middle of the night, and we have a local scuffle now and then. You’ll typically see the involved parties afterward laughing it up over a beer at the Yellow Rose.

Here’s the point. The sun comes up the next day, and we’re all still alive as long as we’re supposed to be. Nature is both office and playground, while technology connects us to every corner of the world. At the end of the day we all share the desire to leave people be, and respectfully be left alone.

I’d like to stretch your imagination a bit, and suggest how the belief that certain others have rightful authority in our affairs creates adverse health effects. In homeopathy we talk about something called Miasms. Every family has its quirks that no clan member escapes … we all observe this eating dinner with the in-laws for the first time. Now, expand that to an entire culture, and you have a Miasm.

Once upon a time, there was a culture of great advancement. A small number of people garnered a perceived power to subjugate the mass population. The larger numbers couldn’t muster up the will force to challenge the few … they didn’t grasp the morality of self-preservation. The gene for passive compliance became standard issue. So what civilization was this? Actually, it’s happened more than once … it never ends well. When one understands the electro-geometric forces behind all things, history repeats itself transcends mere colloquialism.

A bit of savvy about repeating patterns will explain how this translates to issues in the body. If you can’t draw your line in the sand for one thing, it necessarily out-pictures in everything. Imagine if your immune system took on the same attitude … insignificant microbes, and rogue cells could actually end up running the show. This exact phenomenon is what homeopathic doctors recognize as the origin of the Cancer Miasm. We are living in a thought-provoked electrical simulation. The accepted Miasm of the hapless victim is akin to … well, the dark ages. Maybe, just maybe … you can fight City Hall after all.

Dr. Barre

Nobody can give you equality or justice or anything.
If you’re a man, you take it.
~ Malcom X

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